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How To Explore A New City

Picture this.  You just moved to a new city and know not a soul.  You have an idea of what you enjoy doing but really are not sure ...


The Split Personality of Anson 11

Anson 11 is one of the latest restaurants to open in downtown El Paso.  It is housed in the historic and beautifully renovated Mills ...


Economic Strategy – Divide & Conquer or Teamwork?

The question of is it better to come together and work towards one goal with one strategy or divide and conquer has been going on for ...


Growth Comes From Within – Foster Entrepreneurship

In today's world, cities are constantly competing against one another to woo the latest and greatest company to their city limits.  Often this involves tax breaks/incentives/etc.  Recruitment is constant for any entity that wants to stay relevant and going after headquarters, regional headquarters, ...

Get a taste of West Texas at Cattleman’s Steakhouse

If you are ever in the El Paso area, Cattleman's Steakhouse needs to be on your list of things to do. From the rattlesnake pit & peacocks to beautiful sunsets & true Texas steaks...this place has it all. It's about a 30 min drive from the El Paso airport but you won't be disappointed!  If you ...


New Apartments for Rent Near Ft. Bliss In NE El Paso!

As El Paso continues to grow, there are more living options for people to choose from.  Recently, Bearing Development completed 62 Square, a brand new 20 unit apartment complex that features a contemporary look and is located with easy access to loop 375. With easy access to the loop, getting to ...


Sun City Music Festival 2013 This Weekend

There are music festivals in El Paso, and then there are music festivals. Since the beginning, SCMF has grown in popularity each year, bringing high profile artists from around the world.  Concert goers arrive from not just the surrounding states but nation wide and even internationally. For those ...