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See The Rebirth of a Downtown Through a Coffee Shop

This past weekend I was in a coffee shop/spirits bar called Dichotomy in Waco, Texas and it is the type of place that could easily be ...

Top 3 Cities in the World

The Issue with the “Top 10 blah blah cities in the country” list

Take a quick trip with me to the small business of Italic & Made Up ...

credit to Mike Tungate

Want To See Where Influence Is Setting Up Shop? Check Out the Southwest USA

Forbes has a new article out calling the Southwest the new capital of influence.  Cities like San Antonio, Austin, Tucson, ...


How To Explore A New City

Picture this.  You just moved to a new city and know not a soul.  You have an idea of what you enjoy doing but really are not sure where the best places are.  You get on your phone and search for reviews but it gets overwhelming and stressful so you give up and decide that you will just settle with ...


The Split Personality of Anson 11

Anson 11 is one of the latest restaurants to open in downtown El Paso.  It is housed in the historic and beautifully renovated Mills Building.  The first floor is the more casual area where one can enjoy hamburgers, short rib sandwiches and more.  If you want a fine dining experience, the glass ...


Economic Strategy – Divide & Conquer or Teamwork?

The question of is it better to come together and work towards one goal with one strategy or divide and conquer has been going on for centuries.  Does breeding competition between groups bring better results than coming together as a team...or does it end up creating hard feelings and underlying layers ...


Growth Comes From Within – Foster Entrepreneurship

In today's world, cities are constantly competing against one another to woo the latest and greatest company to their city limits.  Often this involves tax breaks/incentives/etc.  Recruitment is constant for any entity that wants to stay relevant and going after headquarters, regional headquarters, ...