Time for KIPP/TFA in El Paso

I received a video from my sister today that is about a charter school called KIPPThat led me to think about education in El Paso.  There are many children in the city who could probably do really well in the curriculum that KIPP provides.  There are many reasons why El Paso ranks as one of the poorest in the nation and I think the quality of education is a major factor.  Not to say that teachers here are not doing a good job, but I think there might be a better way to approach the situation. 

 A city can not solely rely on outsiders to come in and help it grow successfully.  A city needs to grow from within to maximize its potential.  When all children in El Paso are receiving a quality education, the rest will fall into place.  I hope to see a KIPP school in place in El Paso very soon along with Teach for America.   I believe that the future of Texas and the United States begins at the border.  El Paso/Juarez along with other border towns should not be overlooked and should instead be embraced for their cultural identity and their potential to help make a stronger, well educated United States.    Here is an article about a girl, Luz Maldonado, from El Paso, who speaks about her education.   I am just a lone voice, but for El Paso to become what it wants to, everyone will need to come together to usher in a new way of thinking.   



My name is David and I am living El Paso

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