A Streetcar named…El Paso??

Wouldn’t you love to have a street car line running from UTEP to downtown…I would.  My  mom sent me an article from the San Antonio Express News and they are now seriously looking at getting streetcars up and running there in the next 2-3 years.  The project has all the major political and private big shots supporting it and after the study is completed, it will just be a matter of funding it.  Which leads me to my next question.

Should El Paso seriously consider a street car line and if it were to happen, where would you place it? 

from the collection of Joseph Testagrose

from the collection of Joseph Testagrose

If I had my way, I would create a street car line that goes up and down Mesa from downtown up to around UTEP or maybe even Executive.  I know this idea isn’t revolutionary here and has definitely been thrown around recently, but I always like to bring up topics that are important to me and I seriously want your opinion.  Would a street car line spur rapid development along its corridors?

Does mass transportation really have a future here in El Paso?  I haven’t ridden on the BRT yet, but I probably should…only problem is that I have to drive there to jump on it…or I guess I could take the city bus and then transfer.

So next time you think of Marlon Brando yelling for Stella, think of a Streetcar named El Paso.



My name is David and I am living El Paso.

15 responses to “A Streetcar named…El Paso??”

  1. Cherry says:

    This little post took me down memory lane. It reminded me of when I was a second grader at Mesita. Our Brownie Troop took a field trip to ride the steetcar. We rode over the Stanton Street Bridge. Funny, I remember our excitement, most of the girls, and all of the troop leaders. This really has nothing to do with present day streetcars, but thank you for reminding me of a happy memory from my childhood.
    BTW, I’m looking forward to that first EP Times byline! 😉

  2. the strelz says:

    better yet congratulations on your selection as a columnist for the el paso times

  3. livingelpaso says:

    Cherry, your memories are a great reason to bring back the street car. These are the kind of experiences that make us feel good and add to the quality of life for all citizens.

    Strelz, thanks for the well wishes!

  4. IPA says:

    nice blog! Very clean looking. Question. What is the difference between wordpress and wordpress.org??

  5. livingelpaso says:

    thanks IPA. with wordpress.com your blog is hosted by them which means you can write for free! With wordpress.org, you have a little more flexibility when it comes to design, widgets, hosting, etc…

    I think I would eventually like to switch over to .org when I have a little extra $ to spend on a redesign of the site.

  6. annette says:

    A streetcar going up and down Oregon St. from UTEP to Downtown would be cool. But I don’t know how many El Pasoans would actually ride it on a day-to-day basis. To me it seems streetcars are more for tourists.

  7. livingelpaso says:

    I think more than tourists would ride it. For special events downtown, it would be great have. I also think workers/students would frequent it.

  8. 1railcarguy says:

    I was fortunate to ride the cars from downtown to Juarez in my youth–boy did we screw up when they were removed some 30-40 years ago; what a great tourist attraction we lost.

  9. livingelpaso says:

    I google searched for El Paso street cars and I found this site. Pretty cool looking! http://www.trainweb.org/elpasocars/

  10. Ron Dawson says:

    We saved nine of El Paso’s PCC streetcars from the scrap heap in 1986. They are still restorable if we can ever convince the powers that be that they are a local treasure that can be tourist friendly as well as “green” people movers. My book, “Street Railways of El Paso”, will be out Sept. 14, 2009, by Arcadia Publishing.

  11. livingelpaso says:

    Ron, that’s great and I look forward to reading your book! Where are you currently keeping the cars?

    • Ron Dawson says:

      Six are out on airport property and three are on a crane company’s property. We are hoping to bring the three into a city property. Other cities have had great success with vintage trolleys – Dallas (McKinney Ave), Tucson (Old Pueblo Trolley), Memphis (Main St.), Fort Collings,CO; Little Rock, and on and on. They provide real transportation and also become a tourist destination in themselves. I’m talking REAL streetcars on tracks powered by overhead, Not a bus with a trolley-like body.

  12. livingelpaso says:

    Good luck with your endeavor Ron and I look forward to seeing the past come alive. If there is anything I can do to help, please contact me!

  13. Chris B says:

    I think we can get at least one trolley back up and running with passengers.

    I’ve got a unique idea to bring the trolleys back to a portion of downtown EP. Please drop me a line ASAP!

  14. livingelpaso says:

    Hey Chris, sorry for being so late in responding to you. I would love to hear your idea…just e-mail me @ livingelpaso@gmail.com

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