Would you like a natural/organic based grocer?

I would like the option of having a local market dedicated to natural/organic products.  Would I do all of my shopping there?  Probably not, but I would frequent it for certain items…like produce and fish.   The reason I bring up this topic is because of a thread I read yesterday on Skyscraper forums   and City Forums.

Nelson Wolff, the man behind Sun Harvest (which he sold in 1999), has created a new grocery store concept that is opening up in San Antonio.  It is called Green Fields Market.


From what I have gathered through these threads, a lot people are speculating that this will not be just a one store gig, but many stores.  Could it be possible that El Paso might attract Green Fields to area since we lack a true natural/organic grocer?  Is there somebody in El Paso who would like to open a natural/organic based grocery store? 

My name is David and I’m living El Paso.

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  1. Vicente says:

    David, I visited San Antonio for the first time!! I almost forgot what a city felt like. San Antonio is great! Customer service was great everywhere. By the way, in the west we have Trader Joe’s; it would be great to have one on the westside.

  2. livingelpaso says:

    Vicente, I’m glad you got to visit SA! It has been a few months since I last visited and it changes so much everytime I go there.

    Are you thinking of moving there??

  3. Vicente says:

    I went out there on business and was pleasantly surprised. I get to see a lot of cities in Texas; for the most part they are small (considering my home city has 4million within the city limits and a combined 10 million when including the surrounding area). So I was shocked and surprised when I arrived in SA and it did not feel like a small city. I had to pull over and ask a security officer the population. He was very interesting, pround of SA, and confidently informed me that SA had 1million people. It felt good to be in a city. I’ll be honest El Paso is growing on me but I never visited here before moving here and it was a culture shock for me here so SA felt great.

    I look forward to El Paso growing.

  4. livingelpaso says:

    I love SA simply for the fact that it is home and that is feels established. One of the reasons why I love El Paso is because of its rawness and potential for great developments.

    Glad you got to make it over to SA and if you ever go back and want some suggestions on places to go, email me.

    Thanks for stopping by the blog too, it had been a while since I heard from you!

  5. Ariel says:

    I don’t know what your definition of a “true natural/organic grocer” is, but have you checked out Cielo Vista Natural Market here on the Eastside, on Viscount?

  6. livingelpaso says:

    I have not checked it out but I will now. Thanks for the tip Ariel!

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  8. Marge Gianelli says:

    I just came from Sprouts on the westside. There is a very limited section of organic vegetables but no fruit! If I’m wrong, let me know. I hope I am. Is there anywhere else?

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