Meteor shower last night

I love the big sky in El Paso and when I heard about the Perseids meteor shower, I knew what I would be doing at 11 p.m.   No, I don’t have a telescope or binoculars…yet…but that didn’t stop me.  Although there was light pollution, I was able to adjust pretty well after a few minutes outside.  I started looking around the sky hoping to catch a few meteors.

After a few minutes of scanning, I decided to focus on one spot.  About a minute later, I saw the first one streak by in the night sky. The feeling of excitement overwhelmed me as I watched this celestial body fly across the sky towards a destination unknown.  About 30 seconds after the first one, I saw another one streak with a much more pronounced orange color and it was beautiful. 

Next time your Time Warner goes out at night, go outside and take in the inspiring El Paso night sky…you never know what you might see.

If anyone is interested, there is the Texas Star Party which takes place at a ranch near Ft. Davis where stargazers from around the world come to look into the heavens.  Here is a video from this past April and click here for a 2009 meteor shower guide.

Here is a link that forecasts if skies will be ripe for stargazing: http://cleardarksky.com/c/ElPTXkey.html?1


My name is David and I am living El Paso.

5 responses to “Meteor shower last night”

  1. Oscar says:

    I completely forgot about it! I was too busy having drinks and dancing and forgot to look up at the night sky….I remember being out at cattleman’s steakhouse when I was younger and taking a wagon ride at night. It was the most beautiful thing I had experienced, it was pitch black and you could see every single star. I was also scared of any wildlife that I couldn’t see hah.

  2. livingelpaso says:

    Oscar, you can still catch it tonight I believe! Hopefully, about an hour and half from now, there will be some streaking by.

    Look towards the NE!


  3. momer rana says:

    The meteors were aowsome

  4. darn, missed it! But I do love the night sky down here- looks just like my Sierra Club posters- lol!

  5. livingelpaso says:

    There will be another meteor shower in October I believe!

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