Meeting of the John Wesley Hardin Secret Society

John Wesley Hardin:  Gunfighter, Outlaw, Gambler, Gentleman?    This is a person who I look forwardjohnwesleyhardin3to learning more about as time goes by.  I was told about an annual re-enactment of when he was killed that takes place every year on August 19th in Concordia Cemetery where Hardin is buried.  I’ve done a little research and found this site to have some good info about him and an even more complete bio on him here.

If you would like to go watch the re-enactment, it will take place Wednesday August 19th (tommorow) @ 6:30 p.m.  Cost is $5 per person and $2 for Military/Seniors/Children under 12.

Here is a link to the website if you need more info.

There is a song that plays on the website above from the movie Quigley Down Under, so I thought I would share it with you because whenever I hear it, it now makes me think of El Paso and all of the history that has taken place in this southwest town…even though the movie takes place in Australia.


My name is David and I am living El Paso.

5 responses to “Meeting of the John Wesley Hardin Secret Society”

  1. major s.o.r. says:

    first second hand lions and now quigley down under?

  2. livingelpaso says:

    you know you love that movie and will probably go rent it from your local movie store tonight

  3. kyle says:

    John Wesley Hardin is my friend’s great uncle.

  4. Matthew Hardin says:

    To whom it may concern, I am currently researching the late Hardin and my research has brought me here to Texas. While there are libraries and the internet the reenactment seem to be appealing and helpful tool in my research if you have any information about this gentelmen. Please email me at the above address thank you for your consideration

  5. livingelpaso says:

    Hi Matthew,

    I think I may know somebody who can help you in your research. I will e-mail you soon. I apologize for the delay for I was out of town the last few days.

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