Time to talk Asarco El Paso

asacroThe news has been pretty quiet about Asarco lately, as has any discussion about what the citizens of El Paso would like to see done with the site.  Yes, in the end, we might not have final say, but we need to at least let our voices be heard.  So consider this “Living El Paso’s” idea for what I would like to see done at that currently contaminated piece of land.

First, I want to see a learning/research center built.  Its focus will be on the history of Asarco and its impact on El Paso over the last 100+ years.  Also, it will serve as a facility where research can be done on the effects of energy use and ways to improve future energy consumption (in conjunction with UTEP and school districts)  This could become a world class institution where people from around the world come to study/learn.

Another floor of the center could serve as a museum that takes visitors through an interactive exhibit that shows Asarco from its birth to its end (managed by El Paso Museum of History?)

At the very top could be an observation floor/deck where people can host receptions/fundraisers/speakers etc..

On top of that, it would be architecturally unique and feature large windows that allow visitors to take in El Paso’s beautiful geography and sky.  Kinda like the picture below



So the building would be my phase one.  What would you do different?  I will share phase 2 with you tomorrow.

If we come together and voice what we want as a community, then maybe they will listen to us.  IF we come together, we can be very influential.  I really want ideas, so don’t be afraid to share, just type them into the comment box.

My name is David and I am living El Paso.

7 responses to “Time to talk Asarco El Paso”

  1. Al says:

    There was a time not long ago when then mayor Ray Caballero had an idea about moving the downtown railyards out of downtown and building a central park in it’s place.

    I always thought that moving the railyards to Asarco would be better than giving away the railyards to the state of New Mexico.

    What ever becomes of that Asarco property I hope that maybe they leave the smoke stack as a historical city-icon landmark, since it will become the second tallest smoke stack in the world.

    • Joserey1701 says:

      Moving the railyards out of downtown would have been good. It is such an eyesore now. I assume Ray Caballero was a progressive and a visionary. But like all of the same mindset they are quickly shut out.

  2. livingelpaso says:

    I like the smokestack as well and I believe some of the buildings are probably historic too…not all…but some.

  3. Joserey1701 says:

    The smokestack is like the Statue of Liberty for our “visitors” from the South.

  4. GfromtheNE says:

    I have followed your blog for quite sometime now and can definitely appreciate your progressive thought as well as your enthusiasm for the city. However, I must comment that being born and raised here, I have seen firsthand the stagnation and lack of follow through from the city government. I believe it will be decades before we see any type of cleanup at the Asarco site. The levels of contamination will prove to be an overwhelming challenge and I believe that 5-10 years from now we will still be looking at the same mess we pass everyday on I-10. Hate to sound so negative and I would love to be proved wrong.

  5. Vicente says:

    I love this idea, get rid of the downtown eyesore. This is a great idea!!! I also like the Market Quarry (SA) idea someone had mentioned.

  6. livingelpaso says:

    G & Vicente, thank you for the comments. I hope we won’t be looking at the same mess…at the very least…I hope there will be a master plan and clean up efforts already started.

    The Quarry Market idea would be nice also but with the way other retail projects have faired lately…it might be a while before we get something like that but you never know!

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