Papa Burger was good….really good

papaburgerlogoLast Thursday, I had the chance to stop and eat at a burger jointthat had been on my list for a while.  The food is as good as advertised and very affordable.  Papa Burger reminds me a lot of Chris Madrids in San Antonio and  Chris Madrids is my all time favorite burger joint…until now. 

 Papa Burger and Chris Madrids are now tied…scratch that…Papa Burger, Chris Madrids, and Burger Barn (Waco) are all tied for 1st.

The list above isn’t concrete and may change after new burger eating experiences.  I still haven’t been to Roscos yet.

If you get a craving for Papa Burger, just head on over to the intersection of Piedras & Memphis.


My name is David and I am living El Paso.

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  1. Guillermo says:

    Don’t bother with Rosco’s. I’ve been wanting to put my experience in my blog, but haven’t had the time. I went with my parents and got there at 4:30, their sign says they close at 5:00. They didn’t want to let us in and an older woman with a cane behind us that had been walking very slow. Nobody smiles in that place, not the cook, the servers or the lady standing behind in an office.

    Their patties are frozen and tasteless. The combination of their condiments and vegetables give it a taste of Whattaburger but since the meat tastes like cardboard, it’s not that fun to chew. Their fries need salt.

    Their prices are horrible. The combos do not include the drink and in all, it’s a very expensive burger. This is a joint that is an example of a local restaurant that thinks they can have poor service, be dirty, have horrible prices and tasteless food just for the fact of being from El Paso.

    In my blog, I will talk about my other experience, Big Bun, which is great. I will definitely try the Papa Burger.

  2. David Somers says:

    I too went and tried the Roscoes burger after hearing it was the best burger in El Paso and found it to be “tasteless” and no where near the fresh (not frozen) meat hamburger that Friscos serves on Yarborough and Pebble Hills. So far Friscos serves the best hambuger in El Paso, but I have not tried Papas yet. Friscos closes around 8- 8 :30.

  3. Ep4life says:

    YES!!! I totally agree. The best is when you go to Offsides Bar caddy corner to Papa’s. Go during happy hour. $1.75 domestics. Have a few. Order from Pappa’s. Eat at restuarant or take to go and have it at the bar.

  4. RAY DAVIS says:

    Look guys I know this sounds like a advertisement but The Burgers at Big Bun are Fire Grilled and independently Rated “The Best Burgers in El Paso” Check out there photos at http://www.borderfood.com/

  5. livingelpaso says:

    Some of the comments make me a little shaky about going to Roscoe’s but I still want to try it. Big Bun looks good too and is now on my list.

  6. Eddie R says:

    The last time I visited Rosco’s was in 2007. The burger I ate tasted very good to me. As far as Frisco’s is concerned, their burgers deserve a grade of C. I didn’t notice anything special about the burger I was eating. I have heard many positive comments about Papa Burgers. One person has told me that they look just like Rosco burgers, but that they taste better.

  7. livingelpaso says:

    thanks for the thoughts Eddie. I still haven’t made it over to Rosco’s, but hopefully soon

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