Ghost Stories of El Paso

I purchased Volume 1 of the Ghost Stories of El Paso and I absolutely loved it.  One of the creepiest photographs that they show is the El Paso High School class photo with a girl whose face/body is there but is blurry.  They asked the people who were around her in the picture if they remember someone being there and all of them said no….weird!

The padre up the Franklin Mountains is really intriguing to me…anyone up for a trek to go find that secret mine shaft where the gold is hidden??

I highly recommend this DVD to anybody who wants to learn more about El Paso’s ghost stories.  Volume 2 is also out and I plan on purchasing that DVD too.    Here is a preview of both volumes and link to the El Paso Gold website.



For those who are still reading, I will share with you a ghost story of my own.  Back when I was living in San Antonio, I was out late with my friend Jacob.  We were driving back home in a rain storm late at night on a road where there weren’t any cars.  As we were headed down the road we saw a person walking on the side of it.  We looked over at him and saw a really pale man with long black hair and dressed in all black, probably in his twenties.

He didn’t look back at us and after we passed him we look at one another and thought it was weird to see a guy walking down the side of a road late at night, in the middle of a rain storm, and no umbrella.  We continued on for a couple of miles before we turned left off of Blanco onto Bitters.  As we made our way up the hill our conversation stopped.  To our right was the same man we had passed a couple miles ago…still walking, long black hair and clothes, pale skin.  However, this time when we looked over, he looked back at us….worst chills I have ever felt in my life.

We turned to each other and immediately yelled “Did you see that!  That was the same guy…how could he…did we really see that…let’s get out of here!”  Was it real or just two guys playing a joke…who knows but I will always remember it and the feeling I felt when he looked over at us.
My name is David and I am living El Paso.

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  1. Drewbie says:

    that’s crazy man! i never heard that story from either of you!

  2. Emma Elizabeth says:

    I have a story too! My friend lives by the cemetery that is downtown and I stayed over at her place. We got in a big fight with one another so I ran off to the cemetery to get some alone time. I walked around the graves and I heard leaves crush behind me. I turned around and a young boy, my age, about fourteen stood there looking at me and approached me. “Hi.” the boy said. I waved back and walked to him and pursed my lips. “you want to take a walk with me?” I asked him, and he agreed. I told him about how me and my friend had fought and he listened well. He told me that I shouldn’t hold a grudge over some disagreement. I said thank you and I tried to hug him but he moved out of my way too fast, and I just looked down. To ease some of the akwardness I told him my name was Emma and he smiled and told me that his was Henry. We finished talking, and he told me he had to go home. I smiled at him, said thanks for the advice, my friend, and he smiled wider. I saw him go to his house, entering through the backyard. I got up from where I sat and saw that he left his scarf there. I grabbed it and decided I should give it to him the next morning. So I went back to my friends house and we reconciled and yadayada. The next morning I went to the house that Henry entered, clutching his scarf to my chest. I knocked on the door, and a few seconds later, a woman in a robe opened it. Her eyes widened as she saw the scarf. “can I help you?” the woman asked. “I reckon you are henry’s mother. He and I were talking last night and he left it where we were sitting.” I said and held it out to the woman. She unconciously shook her head and said ,”Henry died five years ago.” my hand dropped and I staggered backwards, and went to the cemetery and the place where we sat the interior night. We sat on a gravestone. My whole body went rigid and tears streamed down my face. I read what was written on the gravestone out loud: here lies Henry Stewart, beloved son, brother, and friend. I left his scarf there, and left him a note: thank you for being there for me. And since then, Henry visits me wherever I am. It isn’t everyday but he visits. And now it’s less often . . .

    • Vanessa Miranda says:

      which cemetery. reading tht left me chills.! it doesn’t freak you out.?

    • Erika Gomez says:

      I have heard this story in several different forms, but always with the same result. However, your story seems to come with great detail. I guess you are one of the lucky ones that has actually been able to interact so closely with a “ghost”.

  3. livingelpaso says:

    Wow…very interesting. That sounds like an intense experience. Happy to hear he was a kind soul.

  4. Emma Elizabeth says:

    I know. I saw him last night and he looked pretty sad . . . He kept me up the whole night turning on and off the TV. What do you think is happening? Give me some advice so I can help him please

  5. Emma Elizabeth says:

    Hello again! I went to el paso high a few days ago and took a picture of the famous ghost because I couldn’t find it anywhere on the Internet. I would totally post it but this stupid iPhone won’t let me. For any info contact me @: emmaprinceton@yahoo.com. 🙂

  6. livingelpaso says:

    Hey Emma. If you want to send it to me, my e-mail is livingelpaso {at} gmail dot com

    As for advice with your situation, I’m not sure who you should contact. You might be able to find some advice over on the El Paso City Forums.

    Here is a link to the site. The thread is about haunted places in El Paso…very interesting.


  7. Emma Elizabeth says:

    Thanks David. That actually helped some! It’s getting back on track I guess, but off at times. Oh well…I guess I’ll have to figure some of this stuff out on my own…? Anyways, I’ll send you the picture as soon as I can. Got to warn you though, when I first took it and had it in my camera roll it made me a bit uneasy and some funny stuff started happening…but it was probably my imagination going on overload. Anyways, thanks. Keep up the awesome work!

  8. Chris Marquez says:

    “I purchased Volume 1 of the Ghost Stories of El Paso and I absolutely loved it. One of the creepiest photographs that they show is the El Paso High School class photo with a girl whose face/body is there but is blurry. They asked the people who were around her in the picture if they remember someone being there and all of them said no….weird!”
    To make the story end that girl in the picture is real if u can see if that blur wasn’t there there would be an empty spot! Either way that was my mothers class picture and that was her before jumping into conclusions that that was a ghost they should have contacted every person in that class picture even my mom said that her face came out blury in her class picture which she told me like 2 years ago. So i think its very ridiculous how they say something is a ghost when it actually is reality.

  9. elizA alonzo says:

    Hey emma can you send me the picture u took my mom wants to see it

  10. elizA alonzo says:

    Hey emma can you send me the picture u took my mom wants to see it and my email elizaalonzo32@yahoo.com

  11. paola says:

    where can i buy those dvds?

  12. paola says:

    since yall are talkin about ghost stories well i decided to write this to keep yalln informed since we all love el paso.. my grandma ownes 6 apartments in SEGUNDO BARRIO and they have been standing there for some time. Long before the ambrosio guillenapartments were built. you know how beer was ilegall, long ago ? well my grandparents used to make and traffic it.. they used to have a basement with a tunnel that led to downtown juarez. after my grandma died we found old pictures of the basement. many people were killed there and i think they were even buried there. which explains the ghostly man that lurks around there with chains hanging from his shoulders and the errie feeling you get when your alone, you know the feeeling when something is looking at you or in that same room as you and it does not feel friendly. its the kind of feeling that makes you stop what your doing and you just listen and wait. You dont know what your waiting for but your listening to silence because you know that theres something in there with you. Anyway about the tunnel, because my grandfather was killed in jail it no longer exists its now covered with dirt after long time of no use, but the apartments are still standing and are ready for you to move in.

  13. josh says:

    I have spend the night at my new dads house that night we were playing cards and for some wired thing i looked at the hallway and saw a girl with a white dress and look at me Nd ssmiled and walk to my room so i went and my room and saw mybathroom open i looked and saw a hole in the wall never seen it amd asswe lived there there has bin wired things can u help PS one night my bro and me wass going to the back yard at night and saw a baby and he looked at us and had blue eyes and my anut was over and she had a baby i though it was him so i went to the back yard and no one

  14. […] is the largest thread currently on the El Paso City Forums….we need some fresh topics! fyi, my ghost stories in El Paso post on my blog still gets a ton of hits…people love the paranormal in […]

  15. Vanessa says:

    YAY glad to see someone from el paso! I got to EPH! <3 Its great and the ghost encounters are friggen awesome.

  16. R.Valenzuela says:

    i use to live in housing (goverment apartment) off of yarbrough and vista del sol i use to live in apt# 59 were i lived wit my 3 son’s one hot even we were all outside wen a neighber tat lived asked me why dnt u let ur daughter out she is always looking out the window tat was my bedroom one day i was cleaning looked up the stairs saw a lil girl didnt think much of cuz my neighber’s daughterr wood always come by so i assumed it was her nite time came never saw her leave nor come down stairs told my kids they told me tat family had moved out two days ago.

    • Erika Gomez says:

      Wow, I really enjoyed your stories… I think that would make me spend a lot more time outdoors! LOL

  17. gladys rivas says:

    i was at my grandma house and a year ago my grandpa died and they took his body to the house were he die and told my dad something idk wat but noting work wen he died not the cars the dogs were sad not eating noting. a other year pass and i was sleeping and my room was next to the one were use to sleep and i would hear him turning on the tv and fliping treu his book and i thot my brother was there just see how he was sleeping there and wen i went 2 see no 1 was there not even in the house i was alone and i would hear things and i yelled and ask “who are you leve me alone….grandpa is that you plz show me if thats you !!” they i heard my grandma yelling for me and ask me if i was ok i said yes , and the next week my 2 aunts and grandma saw my grandpa in a red car the cars stop case of the red light my aunt went after it and saw no red car .
    my grandpa is out there and wants me to know somethig wat idk i need to find out

  18. Erika Gomez says:

    Being raised in El Paso, I have always heard of our ghost legends and of different haunted places around the city. However, I don’t really think I knew of specific spots or places, I just knew that unless you wanted to see a ghost, you would stay away from the obvious graveyards and haunted houses. One boring and very hot summer night my friend Jason and I found ourselves without anything “fun” to do, so we decided to go up to scenic drive. Jason was usually a very fast driver, yet this time he must have been going up the road at about 10 miles an hour or so. I asked why we were going so slow and he said we were taking the scenic tour and he jokingly pointed at rocks and things and made up silly stories about them. I was enjoying the ride when all of a sudden from right in front of us I saw a very large white sheet, almost like a big piece of plastic or a bed sheet floating straight towards the car. I yelled for him to watch out but all he said was “What?” with no other reaction except for slowing the car down even more. I saw the white “thing” touch the hood of the car and slowly travel around towards my passenger side making me quickly move out of the way; I noticed my window was open and I thought it would come in but instead it just went right past my window towards the back of the car. When it passed next to me it looked like very thick smoke. I guess you could even call it ‘milky’, for lack of a better word. Another strange thing was that all of this seemed to be happening in an extremely slow speed, almost like slow motion. Maybe now that I think about it, it could have been my brain trying to make sense of things. The object continued to travel around the whole car, pretty slowly, considering the fact that we were still moving. When I saw it passing my friends window, my friend finally spun around and yelled, “Oh my God;I almost hit her,” and slammed on the breaks. When this happened, I saw the white sheet quickly shoot up the side of the mountain, and I could finally see my friend acknowledge it’s existence. I felt like I “woke up” and I was able to react.Without a word he immediately stepped on the gas and sped up the rest of the way. When we finally stopped at the lookout, I asked him, “What the hell was that?” and he said, “I don’t know but I feel sick!”, he got out of the car to catch his breath and then said to me, “Is that why you screamed? Had you seen her already?” I was really confused and said, “Uh, yeah, couldn’t you see it, it was all around the car? I thought you were gonna hit it.” He looked at me really disturbed and said, “What did you see?” So I annoyingly and quickly narrated in detail what I saw. I knew Jason was a skeptic, but he could not possibly ignore what I had seen. His eyes widened and said, ” Damn, Erika, I didn’t see all that, I saw a lady dressed in white and holding something black in her hands, she was right at my window and she had her mouth open. When I yelled, she flew up the mountain.” He never saw the white sheet or smoke and I never saw the lady (thank God) but we both had a grossly terrifying experience. We quickly got into the car and rushed back to our homes. Needless to say, that was the last time we visited Scenic Drive. We had several other crazy experiences together, but none like the one we shared that summer night. To this day, a husband, 4 children and still living in El Paso almost 20 years later, you could not get me to drive back up that mountain even if you paid me!!

  19. Kymberly says:

    That is so freaky!!

  20. crystal says:

    Hey emma ur story is interesting. Which cemetery was this at? Has he told u how he died?

  21. carol says:

    All the videos seem so intresting I’ve seen Volume one and really want to see the next two. But if theres anyone out there who has the DVD’s and is trying to sell them I would be more than happy to purchase them from anyone. The places where they sell the movies at are 22 dollars each and I want all three. perhaps there is a different altenertaitve lol! if anyone is let me know!

  22. Marilyn Garcia says:

    Emma ur storyy is pretty intresting(:
    maybe hes ur angel who knows have you seen him lately??
    has he told you how he died or have you spoken to him?

  23. H Hernandez says:

    Id like to invite all of you to take part in our monthly Historical Ghost Tour Followed by Our Ghost Ride.


  24. Audrey says:

    It use to be my mom ,uncle ,aunts ,grandparents ,and me in this big house. The house was built in 1910 . And it was a three story building like a apartment. But the third story is gone so it looks pretty weird. There use to be a family that lived there . The 1st floor has one bathroom two rooms kitchen living room and basement . The second floor was the biggest ,four rooms ,two bathrooms ,kitchen, dinning room a big entrance door. On the third floor there my moms room was close to my uncles room. We called my uncles room the blue room and in his room there is a door on the floor . Which leads you to the basement .I have been trying to research this house and ask my family but they won’t talk about the house when I am around. I shared a room with my mom . One night I remember my room was getting cold I tried covering myself but it just got colder. I got up from my bed and walked to the kitchen and I saw my cat walk past me then disappeared . I kept walking and ended up in the living room I sat down on the couch. I was freezing my mind was wondering what am I doing here but my body couldn’t move. It’s like I was forced or I was suppose to be there. And then all of a sudden my body was release and it wasn’t cold anymore and I went back to bed. But I will never forget that night . But being in that house I had a fan fall on my head lol! . I never ever liked being in a room by myself even in the blue room . I would hear footsteps coming from the basement like someone was walking up the stairs . Worst thing that I remember was when I was in the kitchen table I was coloring and my mom was in the other room . When I looked up I saw a lady with dark hair and a long white dress looking straight head and walking towards the entrance. She turned her head towards me but was afraid to look at her I got up from my chair and covered my eyes . When I finally looked up she was gone I ran to my mothers room but I haven’t told anyone. I thought I was the only one who seen her but my grandpa has ,also my uncle. But that house didn’t make anyone happy in the house. My grandparents separated and sold the home and well I never saw the house again. But I never want to walk in that house ever again. The evilness in that house still haunts there but ever since we left that place it’s like a breath of fresh air .

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