El Paso Sportspark on Westside?

Call me selfish, but I would like to see a sportspark (like the one on the Eastside) built on the Westside.  Honestly, my only reason is convenience. There is a nice sports complex off of McCombs in the Northeast that is lighted…something like that on the Westside would be nice.

Maybe there is a similar complex, but I have yet to find it.  Someone told me about Marwood Park off of Riverbend Rd. but I haven’t gotten a chance to visit it yet. 

Why would I want something like this?  Simple…quality of life.  I know a perfect location….off of Resler near that walking trail that is always has runners, rollerbladers, cyclists, and families going for an evening walk.  I would love to get involved in a softball league but I honestly don’t want to drive over to Eastside to go do it.

Maybe a concept like the one below…minus the big trees and water.

Am I out of line to want something like this….should I just swallow my pride and make the drive?  Maybe I am blind and there is a big complex like this on the Westside?

I seem to have a lot of questions but few answers.  Any comments are greatly appreciated!

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My name is David and I am living El Paso.

5 responses to “El Paso Sportspark on Westside?”

  1. Matthew Venhaus says:

    I don’t like your proposed location. What would you think of an expanded Gallegos Park?

  2. Jessica Franco says:

    There is the west-rec of high ridge and resler. They have baseball facilities.

  3. livingelpaso says:

    The west side rec is nice but I thought it just had a couple soccer fields. I need to go check it out again. Where is Gallegos Park?

    Thanks for the feedback everyone!

  4. Matthew Venhaus says:

    Gallegos is a county park in Canutillo on Bosque Road.

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