Congestion, Congestion, Congestion.

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OH the beauty of an I10 traffic jam in El Paso.  There we are driving smoothly and then all the sudden your eyes are treated to a sprinkling of brake lights as you crest the hill….then a lot of brake lights and before you know it, you are stuck, again, on I10 for either a stalled car in the emergency lane, accident, construction, or for no reason at all.

I wish I could be like Bruce Almighty and move the cars out of my way with a single movement of my finger…but that is Hollywood and this is El Paso.  I actually prefer to take the border highway when I can but most of my travels take me on I10.

What can TxDot do to make the situation better?  Should there be a double decker freeway?  Maybe expand the freeway to 5 lanes each all the way from Lee Trevino to Redd?

Mobility in this town is my only gripe with ELP….and most of that frustration lies with our only E/W corridor.  Yes, there are some physical barriers…ala Franklin Mountains, that restrict us, but there has to be a better way.

What frustrates you as a driver in El Paso?

My name is David and I am living El Paso.

11 responses to “Congestion, Congestion, Congestion.”

  1. sloan says:

    I can deal with the traffic. There are other highways, spurs, etc that you can take around traffic. In Tacoma Washington there is ONE highway that leads north to south…no other way to get there. No other highways period! so this I can dela with. What I can stand is people who don’t know how to drive. It is like all the idiots came here to live. Use your blinker. change one lane at a time. Go the speed limit not 20 under. Have insurance. All those things a normal driver is supposed to do.

    • livingelpaso says:

      haha…you are right about the bad drivers. braking while changing lanes on I10 is the worst and close behind that are the drivers who use I10 as their own personal racetrack…I’ve seen more close calls that I would like.

  2. annette says:

    Speaking as a Westsider: Yes to more lanes on I-10. We need more than a 2-lane highway past Mesa. Also, I wish there was an alternate route besides Mesa and Paisano when there’s an accident on I-10 during rush hour.

  3. There is a ton of traffic, but as someone who only comes through occasionally, I don’t mind it because it gives me more time to observe EP! (don’t worry: I’m always a passenger).

  4. Chris says:

    Hi David,
    Thanks for doing this blog. My husband and I will be moving to El Paso next year and you’ve really given some great insight!

  5. tom says:

    The traffic on the freeways do not bother me as much as the idiots driving while texting or talking on cell phones in school zone. I think a lot of drivers do not get it. The sign post says no passing in school zone. Slow! I wonder how many people can read or care about reading it. Yesterday an IDIOT!! driving a white late model Tahoe pulling a trailer with motorcycle on it. He Started yelling at me because I was crossing in a cross walk in a school zone with the lights flashing, he was passing another vehicle and did not see us. The other veehicles were stopped at the cross walk. The sign clearly states NO PASSING!!!. TEXAS lic #908 AK. on the vehicle. The crossing guard almost gets hit everyday. Please people pay attention to the signs.

    • livingelpaso says:

      The passing in the school zones is a common occurrence and I believe that most people don’t realize that they could get a ticket if they did that. I have seen people get pulled over for passing though….so to all those who pass, watch out!

      Since the new no cell phone law went into effect, I rarely talk on the phone in the car while using the bluetooth. I actually enjoy it a lot more…no pressure to take a phone call.

  6. Alvin York says:

    I’ve long thought I-10 needs widened to a constant five or six lanes in each direction. Barring that, then a second level needs built, with all truck traffic required to use the lower (original) freeway.

    I also think we need wider freeways/two-level freeways more than we need a medical school.

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