Cactus That Living El Paso Likes

Yes…I do have a favorite cactus.  It is one that many of you have probably seen dotting the landscape here in El Paso.  I think it is a cactus….I could be wrong though.  This plant looks like it belongs under an ocean….maybe because of the name and more for the way it looks.

Ocotillo Cactus

It slightly resembles the  plants in Super Mario Brothers when you are under the water .


What El Paso plants do you like?

My name is David and I am living El Paso.

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  1. Terrie Bolt says:

    Did you hapen to catch any of the Fiesta de los Flores this past weekend? The coronation was excellent. All 19 young ladies were well spoken and beautiful. They each wore a traditional dress representing a state in Mexico. Any of them could represent our city well but I have to admit I was most impressed with the first runner up (Lilly Vasquez). It would be hard to judge at an event like that. Saturday night was an interesting blend of colors and culture with rides, food and great music that all of our family enjoyed.

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