Alligator Park Revitalization (a.k.a San Jacinto Park)

Come join us !

For years, Plaza de los Lagartos was known as a central meeting point in El Paso. It was known for the live alligators and for the joy that it brought to people of all ages.

Downtown needs a “Constant Attraction” and that is what this would mean to Downtown El Paso.

Before you go any further, understand that the only way we would consider pushing this issue, is if the new alligator exhibit were to be done in a state of the art way. A way in which the Alligators would have a better living environment than they would have at a zoo. That being said…..

Downtown El Paso is beginning its revitalization process. In this process, the Plaza de los Lagartos will undertake a major renovation. We believe that it would be a huge asset to Downtown El Paso to bring the park back to its original state and include a state of the art live alligator exhibit.

Sometime in March, there will be a charrette to obtain public opinion about what should be included in the revitalization of Plaza de los Lagartos, aka San Jacinto Plaza.

Now is the time to have your voice heard and be a part of something that will go down in the history books.

The plan is to spend between 5 and 7 million dollars in renovating the park. This is going to be done once which means that in our lifetime, barring any natural disaster, it will not be done again. Don’t miss out on your chance to be a part of History, and have your voice heard, in a decision that will put El Paso back on the map.

Stay tuned to find out the date of the charrette



My name is David and I am living El Paso.

2 responses to “Alligator Park Revitalization (a.k.a San Jacinto Park)”

  1. Cherry says:

    Picture…the way I remember.

  2. vall says:

    i wish u could have kept the alligators

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