Other Downtowns Are Trying To Find Solutions Too

I came across an article from the October Edition of the Fresno Bee.  Jim Boren, columnist for the Bee, talks about how city leaders have chased after every easy fix that has come before them to make downtown fresno a hot spot again.   One quote stood out in particular.

“Instead of methodically building downtown as a destination for residents, they’ve fallen in love with out-of-town consultants, and the solutions they push to desperate cities.”  

Fresno built a downtown stadium a while back but according to this column, it looks like it didn’t bring the results that some were hoping for…at least yet.

So how is El Paso doing?  Honestly, I think we are doing ok right now.  There has been a strong emphasis on the arts and a few local individuals have put up their own money to restore buildings in the downtown area.  Downtown revitalization needs not be forced but allowed to grow on its own time.

It will be interesting to see what projects are included in the upcoming bond election…will there be a stadium or arena included?  Do you think El Paso has gone after too many easy fixes itself?  If not, do you think we are headed down that path?  I would love to read your responses in the comments section below.


My name is David and I am living El Paso.



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