So That Is What Was In the Mysterious Asarco Time Capsule

Thursday night at the El Paso Museum of History featured a great opening for a photographic exhibit documenting the deconstruction of Asarco and the unveiling of a Time Capsule that preserved memories from Asarco decades ago.  Featured inside the metal box were a newspaper from that day it was buried back in the 70s, a 1975 quarter, documents, and more.  I highly suggest you go to the museum to see everything in its entirety.

Carol Eastman, local photographer, captured some beautiful photographs that will forever hold the memory of the structures of Asarco that have been torn down.  Jackson Polk is in the process of putting together a video that he and other shot that will also document the history of Asarco.  The museum features a three minute preview of what they have put together so far.

Remember, access to he museum is free, although they do gladly accept donations.  Take pride in El Paso’s past and go check out this exhibit.  We should fee fortunate that our city has an entity that is dedicated solely to preserving our past so that future generations can learn about the strong culture and events that make El Paso what it is today.



Here is the video that was shown at the Museum.


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