Triple A Baseball Close to Becoming A Reality in El Paso?

UPDATE: New story just popped up on elpasotimes.com stating that MOUNTAINSTAR SPORTS GROUP has the ability to bring Triple A baseball to El Paso if a new stadium is built.  The principles of Mountainstar are Paul Foster, Woody Hunt, Joshua Hunt, and Alejandra de la Vega.  Read more here

Hot off the internet press, here is the latest on El Paso’s quest to jump back in the pot of affiliated baseball.  Don’t get excited about the picture right next to this text because it is Reno’s AAA stadium…but it’s always fun to dream.

A new stadium could be coming to Downtown El Paso, and with it, a major league-affiliated baseball team.

City Council next week will consider authorizing the city manager to sign an agreement between the city and Mountain Star Sports Group, LLC, to build a Triple-A Minor League Baseball stadium possibly using several funding methods including certificates of obligation – which are repaid with tax dollars but do not require voter approval.

The Triple A baseball stadium would be located where City Hall and the Insights Museum now stand. Council will also consider authorizing the city manager to begin negotiations to move City Hall to another Downtown building.

The item on Tuesday’s agenda could signify that a Triple A baseball team has been secured…read more from the El Paso Times

This event will mean a lot of change for downtown, i.e. new stadium, demolition of city hall, insights museum.  City Hall will need to occupy another building…possibly the blue flame or maybe a new facility all together.

Now that new trolley line that has been proposed makes even more sense.  I’m sure Steve Kaplowitz and Andy Lee on 600 ESPN will have commentary this afternoon and perhaps some insight that the paper doesn’t.    What are your thoughts?

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