Help El Paso One Tweet At A Time!

One comment that I hear almost daily is that large companies never know about El Paso and that’s why we never get great retail/grocery/entertainment options.  What if we could change that perception one tweet at a time? I’ve found that simple messages to these companies will usually generate a response.
A couple of my targets include Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Freebirds, Dicks Sporting Goods, HEB, and REI.
So the only one of that list which lacks twitter, as far as my searching has taken, is Trader Joes…go figure.  If they don’t have twitter or don’t respond, then try e-mailing.  You will be surprised to find out that these social media account managers love to feel the love of customers because every company loves a satisfied customer.
For what I know currently, Dicks is the only store that is coming to ELP for sure…the others are still floating.  Also, I received an e-mail from Freebirds real estate guy and he said they have visited ELP several times but have yet to make any real estate deals…so that one may happen sooner rather than later.

example of effective tweets. This one caused a lot of chatter, but then went very quiet. I think they have been told not to talk to me anymore because my tweets have gone with no response from them since this episode….gotta keep trying though![/caption]

If enough of us contact them and let them know we want them, then it can’t hurt our chances!  If you find another company that you like and want to contact…do it…and also let me know so that I can shoot a message as well.
Social media can seem gimmicky at times but it has the potential to be highly effective.  Let me know in the comments sections about any entities that you would like me to help you contact, and I will do it…and don’t forget to add me to you twitter list and I will follow back!

My name is David and I am living El Paso….did I mention, this is my twitter handle…twitter.com/livingelpaso

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  1. marinasleeps says:

    Great idea.
    We need a Joe’s Crab Shack!!

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