Bond Proposal Is Coming To A Ballot Near You, My Thoughts

In November, all of you, who are registered voters, will have the opportunity to vote yay or nay on a quality of life bond issue.  You will have three questions to answer.

1) – Parks, Recreation, and Open Space
– Zoo

2) – Multi-purpose Cultural and Performing Arts Facilities
– Museums Upgrades & Improvements
– Children’s Museum, Hispanic Cultural Center, Digital Wall
– Library

3)  HOT tax increase

So lets get into a little detail with each question.

Number one is fairly self explanatory but to dig a little deeper, you will find that this money will go towards new parks, public art projects, soccer fields, two competitive indoor swimming facilities, open space land acquisition/conservation and more.  To see the complete pdf, click here

There has been so much talk about the voters voting this propsal down, but if anything, I sincerely hope question 1 gets pushed through.  These are facilities that are extremely important to a growing city that lacks, for example, competitive pool facilities, parks, and more.  We can wait for the private sector to build everything for us…we need to step up as well.

I understand that many of you will say…”I’ve already stepped up for this baseball stadium and I didn’t even get a say!”  I understand your frustration but don’t spite this proposal at the sacrifice of the youth of El Paso.

Question 2 is where it gets more interesting.    This question asks whether you want to push forward the following:

  • – Multi-purpose Cultural and Performing Arts Facilities
    – Museums Upgrades & Improvements
    – Children’s Museum, Hispanic Cultural Center, Digital Wall
    – LibraryThe multi-purpose facility is another name for arena.  I hope we hear more about the arena…a.k.a multi-purpose facility, over the coming months.  We need to know details about what we might be voting through.

    If you vote no, based solely on not wanting an arena, other important projects will not see the light of day either.  The digital wall for the history museum would be a great tourist attraction and is unique way to explore the history of El Paso.  To learn more about the wall, watch this video about the one in Copenhagen…currently the only one in the world…El Paso would be number two.


    Other projects included in this question are the children’s museum and Hispanic cultural center.  Click here to learn more.  

    Question 3 is about the HOT Tax, also known as the hotel occupancy tax.  Remember, this is not a tax for you, but for those who stay at our hotels…so if you want a night away from the kids and you stay at local hotel…then that would be how you would contribute…other than that, if you aren’t staying in our hotels or motels…then you don’t pay.

    There seems to be the most confusion on this one because it contains the word tax and when people hear tax…the assume it is meant for them.  This one is not.  Know that if you vote this down, then the city will still build the ballpark and then we, the taxpayers, will really end up paying for the stadium.

    I plan on voting yes for all three questions because I see that El Paso is in a critical juncture where now is the time to implement these plans.  Our city is still growing so I feel confident that we will be able to pay on the certificates of obligation and won’t fall into financial ruin.  Investments take exactly that…investing…and cities all across the country have had to make the same decision we face in Nov.
    If you would like to read other viewpoints…more political in nature…go check out David K’s Refuse the Juice.  Feel free to comment…whether you agree or disagree.  I’d like to generate a healthy discussion.  If you want to troll…go visit the El Paso Times site and have fun there.

    My name is David and I am living El Paso

2 responses to “Bond Proposal Is Coming To A Ballot Near You, My Thoughts”

  1. Fernando says:

    Hear, hear! I just moved back after a five year stint in Austin and would love nothing more than to see El Paso grow and improve the quality of life for its citizens. I really hope this proposal pulls through.

    • LEP says:

      Glad to have you back Fernando! I hope it does as well…but if it doesn’t…then we have to continue to move forward and find other solutions, never give up!

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