Sun Metro Unveils Free Downtown Circulator, Jump On It!

First, did you know that if you hate to walk, then you can ride Sun Metro’s downtown circulator…for free!  Yup…you can…and today, they unveiled another route along with some fancy 16 passenger shuttles that are festive in color and feature spots for two wheelchairs.

The current circulator will be split into two routes according to Sun Metro.  Route 8 will be coined the ‘court circulator’ and connect from Union Plaza-City Hall-Cultural Arts District-County Courthouse-Federal Courthouse/Buildings and then back to the downtown terminal, bay 14, where it began.  30 min route frequency.

The other route is route 9 a.k.a the Downtown Shopping District Circulator.  If you want to shop and not get too sweaty, this is the route for you!  Here is a description of the route straight from the Sun Metro website.

This circulator will begin at the corner of El Paso Street and 6th Avenue, travel north on El Paso Street, turn right onto San Antonio, turn right onto Stanton , turn right onto 7th Avenue, turn right onto Oregon, and then turn left onto 6th Avenue to complete the route. The route connects the El Paso, San Antonio, and Stanton shopping areas and will have frequency of 15 minutes.
Next time you are downtown, check these routes out…they are free!  Who do we have to thank for this?  This was put together by Sun Metro, Downtown Management District, & the El Paso Central Business Association.

The next time I get an opportunity, I’ll jump on the circulator and let you know how it goes.

My name is David and I am living El Paso.

6 responses to “Sun Metro Unveils Free Downtown Circulator, Jump On It!”

  1. Ashlee says:

    I love your blog! I am also a transplant to El Paso and fell in love with living here!

  2. LEP says:

    Thanks for reading Ashlee! I’m really happy you enjoy ELP! What are some of your favorite activities to do here?

  3. Tomiko says:

    That sounds great! I never want to go to downtown because all of the walking, now I won’t have excuses!! Great post btw!

  4. Fernando says:

    This is great news. Hopefully, we can get additional downtown bike lanes in the near future!

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