El Paso Photo Friday: ‘El Paso 2020?’

Here is one readers idea of what El Paso’s downtown might look like in 2020.  Thanks to Chris Carbajal for letting me post this!


How would your El Paso look in 2020?  Post your thoughts in the comments section or shoot me an e-mail with a pic!

My name is David and I am living El Paso.

2 responses to “El Paso Photo Friday: ‘El Paso 2020?’”

  1. Chris says:

    Thanks David, much appreciate seeing this on your blog.

  2. Chuy Benitez says:

    You can’t just put a pretty green space where ever you want. That’s the Southern Pacific Railroad Line that has always been vital to El Paso’s existence. Also, since when did the economy boom happen that justifies 8 new skyscrapers, taller than all our current skyscrapers, in 10 years???? Keep dreaming!

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