HMS Host + El Paso International Airport = Retail Choices

Some of you may wonder who is in charge of deciding what restaurants and stores go into the Airport.  As you wait for your plane, you may go enjoy a Starbucks Coffee, a book from the Wall Street Journal store, or possibly a sandwich from Quiznos.

I recently tweeted HMS Host to ask them put a Johnny Rockets in KELP…side note below

Ever wonder what the K in front of the FAA Identifier for El Paso means?  K just denotes that it is a continental US airport…Hawaii/Alaska/Guam/Wake/Midway all use P  

Back to the topic of this post…HMS Host tweeted back and said they would pass along my Johnny Rockets recommendation.  I would like to see them replace Pizza Hut…although I do love a personal pizza every now and then.

HMS Host is the go to company for retail/dining options for airports…they are in almost every large aiport in the US and around the world.  The contract that El Paso has with HMS Host lasts for 11 years and was signed in 2006.  Here is a news story from AviationNews.net about the deal.

When the contract is up for renewal, that may be a time when we could see some new dining options come to the airport…although…it could happen sooner if there is a need.

My name is David and I am living El Paso.

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