A couple factoids on the new East Side El Paso Menchies

I went in for a treat at Menchies the other day and struck up a quick conversation while I was paying for my sweet treats.  I asked the gentleman if he was excited about the new location on the east side that is going to open up off Rojas….and he was…of course.

This other location is going to be larger than the one on the west side and it will feature an outdoor fire pit and a large party room…so get ready to book those parties folks!

I really like the idea of the fire pit because what’s better than eating something cold and sweet while sitting next to an area kept warm by flame?!

I googled the internet and found these pictures of what may be in store for the new east side location…should be very nice!  If you look at the picture below…notice the fire pit on the left hand side…maybe we will see a set up like that at the new location.


My name is David and I am living El Paso

4 responses to “A couple factoids on the new East Side El Paso Menchies”

  1. Tomiko says:

    OMG I can’t wait for their new location to open, do you know when will this be?

  2. menchie's says:

    LEP and Tomiko, the menchie’s on Rojas and George Dieter will be open January 2013. Get ready to yum! I like reading the posts also!!!

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