Big Bun is Back – New Mills Steakhouse – Starbucks Shows Her Face

I’m telling you…downtown’s heartbeat is getting stronger by the month.   People were dupset when they heard Big Bun had closed it doors…one month later…back open…cheaper rent, same food.

I had yet to make it to Big Bun and when word trickled out that they had closed, I shrugged my shoulders and kicked myself for not going when I had the chance.  When word came out that they had reopened on Mills next to Pike Street Market and Kipps…I knew I had to go.  I kept it simple; Green Chili Cheeseburger with Avocado added for good measure, fries, and a lemonade.  The food tasted great and I look forward to returning next time I’m on a hamburger fix.


As I continued my stroll around Mills Street, I saw a lot of work being done on a build out on the first floor of the Mills building.  In the window were decals/window sticker mentioning Anson 11 along with one of those sign for an application for beer/liquor license.  Not sure on when this restaurant will open, but we are probably look at 3-5 months.  Word on the street is that it is going to be a high end steakhouse…something Paul Foster has wanted in that building for a while.



A couple steps down the sidewalk and you will see the Starbucks signs…coming to a downtown near you….now who said downtown is dead?


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  1. annette says:

    Looking forward to that Starbucks opening :-).

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