Interview with an El Pasoan: Nick LaMantia

Today, I continue the weekly interview series with a relatively new El Pasoan, Nick LaMantia of L&F Distributors.
  1.  What is your occupation?

I am sales coordinator at a local Budweiser Distributor.

  2.  How long have you lived in El Paso and have you ever lived anywhere else?

I have lived here for 2 years now and I have lived in 4 other cities besides here.

3.  What do you think makes El Paso stand out from the rest of the crowd?
We have our own identity rather than being a metropolitan area like Dallas , Houston, or other very large areas who offer a variety of mixed cultures. They see a city like El Paso, large in population and culture then take a piece back with them to their large city. While they have a lot to offer, they seem to blend together. El Paso is a destination city for its own reasons. You can’t duplicate the proximity to the border, the influence of New Mexico,  while still remaining in the great state of Texas.

4.  Do you believe a revival of downtown is necessary for El Paso to become a successful city?
Necessary is not the right word. I believe growth is a vital part of our success and we are welcoming new business to a stronghold of our city. Downtown is a focal point because of the amount of traffic, businesses, culture, and buildings. It is a very beautiful part of town like other areas in El Paso. I do think downtown is a great start and would help propel us to the next level with all types of businesses being welcomed there.

5.  What does your ideal downtown El Paso look like?

A place with fat free whataburgers, free beer and all the frozen yogurt someone could want. Maybe a couple gyms and hunting shops.

  6.  What is your favorite activity to do in El Paso?

I really enjoy BBQ with my family in this great weather. Zero humidity.

7.  What is your favorite local restaurant in town?

I really like a restaurant called Cafe Delicias. Great Caldo Talpeno.

8. If you could bring one store to El Paso, what would it be?


9.  What are the strong qualities of our city?
There are a tremendous amount of qualities but one I find unique is our friendliness as a community. When I moved , people welcomed me with open arms.

10.  What can are some areas that we need to focus on to make ourselves more attractive to keeping homegrown talent here and also attract out of town companies to open up offices in our areas?

Inviting companies to look at our city in conjunction with the amount of business from our neighboring areas. By ourselves we are not the best , but together we are much more appealing with a great amount to offer.

  11.  What are some ways you would try to put out a positive message to the rest of the region and country that El Paso is a great place to live, work, and explore?

Read the paper, we are a very safe city that is growing with many local individuals and groups reinvesting in our community.

12.  When a person not from here asks you about El Paso, what do you say?

Come see the star on the mountain at night, take a hike in the Franklin mountains, see the thanksgiving parade, taste my cousins BBQ ribs, take a jog in the morning up rim road, drink a Budweiser, and go to a Miner basketball game.

13.    Chicos Tacos…Yes or No?

I haven’t tried them

My name is David and I am living El Paso.

2 responses to “Interview with an El Pasoan: Nick LaMantia”

  1. Pam Vandertulip says:

    Good review, Nick! Thanks for supporting El Paso. El Paso is lucky to have you and Megan.

  2. andrew h says:

    Nicholas “big flop” lamantia has an awesome beard.

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