UTEP Photo Construction Update

I’ve been hearing a lot about all of the construction going on at UTEP; I’m sure you have as well.  I made my way out to campus Saturday morning and captured a few pictures to share with everyone.  This campus is really turning into one of the more beautiful campuses in the State of Texas. Having President Natalicio in her position for such a long time has really been a godsend for UTEP.  She is a step above the rest and when the time comes to replace her, it will be difficult.  Enough of my commentary, here are the pictures.

utep23 utep22

Another building that should get a facade face lift/renovation

Another building that should get a facade face lift/renovation

utep20 utep19 utep18 utep17

This building needs to be renovated or demolished/rebuilt

This building needs to be renovated or demolished/rebuilt

utep15 utep14 utep13 utep12 utep11 utep10 utep9 utep8 utep7 utep6 utep5 utep4 utep3 utep1 utep2

My name is David and I am living El Paso.

4 responses to “UTEP Photo Construction Update”

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  2. Albert Velarde says:

    These are really nice photos David! I really enjoyed reading your commentary about UTEP President Dianne Natalicio, since she has been at UTEP she has really turned UTEP around and there has been many new buildings that have been built during her watch. You are very right when you said that she will be very hard to replace, I hope that she lives to be over 100 years old and remains at UTEP all her life!Did you ever get to read what Athletic Director Bob Stull said about his intentions for the Sun Bowl? He said about replacing the Press Box with a Luxury Box and adding a restaurant to the south end zone.

    • LEP says:

      Thank you for the feedback Albert! I did not get an opportunity to read what the athletic director said about the Sun Bowl. Can you forward me the article?


      • Albert Velarde says:

        I’m sorry David! but the article was printed in the El Paso Times about early to mid July of this year, however I will make more than sure to forward you any new details regarding these great developments.
        Best Regards!

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