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Started in 2020, the Living City Project is an experiential education non-profit, providing immersive NYC-based experiences for college-age and adult participants to engage with the city as classroom, laboratory, studio and community.

Our Mission

We are experienced educators and urbanists creating programs for young people seeking educational, meaningful and transformative experiences in the “Living City” of New York.


We seek to make education more immersive and relevant to make cities more equitable and resilient. Our core values are:

We see experience as deep learning. The city is our classroom, lab and canvas. In cities we share our skills and talents, grappling with the world’s biggest challenges, working together toward a just future.

We center learning in the urgent challenges facing NYC and the world. A public health crisis, economic crisis, systemic racial inequality, and climate change all demand a relevant, frank and change-oriented curriculum.

We believe in personalization, collaboration and empathy.

While our programs integrate the passions, needs and interests of individual participants, our work seeks to cultivate empathy and collaboration, rooted in a shared set of collective field experiences,


We commit to creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive community. Our program draws participants from neighborhoods throughout the city, country and world, with diverse backgrounds and experiences. We establish a loving community that values difference and cultivates empathy, respect and inclusion.

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