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Participant Work

RISE/Shore Corps Underway Project

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CityGAP partnered with the local environmental justice organization the Rockaway Institute for Sustainability and Equity (RISE) Shore Corps students to re-energize a plan called Project Underway. The “Underway” is a 4.5 mile stretch under the elevated A train along the Rockaway Peninsula that is under the jurisdiction of multiple city agencies as well as private developers. The participants began their research with a site-analysis bike ride, choosing specific sites that were opportune for intervention. With support from Leroy Street Studio architects, the participants conducted in-depth site surveys at these important intersections along the underway, collecting data on usage, schematics, adjacent properties, environmental factors, and materials. Participants translated these site surveys into diagrams that illustrated the research, and exhibited them as part of a Community Visioning event at RISE, engaging local stakeholders interested in reclaiming and activating this underutilized space.


Group Projects

At the Feet of Giants: The Community Impact of Architecture

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Individual Projects


Community Engagement: La Morada and Brook Park

Every Monday our participants do community engagement work in Mott Haven in the South Bronx, at La Morada and Brook Park. La Morada is a Oaxacan restaurant and mutual aid kitchen which serves 600 meals a day to recent immigrants and other community members in need, also holding community events, workshops, and school drives. LCP students prepare and distribute food and assemble pamphlets. Brook Park is a community garden and urban farm that serves as an environmental justice and education center. Participants support founder Danny Chervoni by working in the garden. Our students use this opportunity to engage in mutual aid and meet local community members. 

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