Your contribution will support tuition, housing, travel and expenses for students coming from NYC, the US and abroad. All donations are tax deductible.


We are currently raising funds for Ayushi Shriramwar, a young artist from India, to join us in Spring 2022. Her goal is to deepen her social practice through urban studies and community engagement with CityGAP. Our fundraising goal is $15,500, to support Ayushi's airfare, housing, tuition, and food.

Ayushi Shriramwar is an interdisciplinary artist from Nagpur, India. A graduate in fine arts (sculpture) from Sir JJ school Art, Mumbai. She is currently studying Gender, Culture, and Development from Pune University and is the Art Director of a feminist collective ‘Hers is Ours’.


Her practice is about dissecting and understanding how power comes into play within a social hierarchy through gender, class, caste, and race. She believes that the women’s, LGBTQ, and such minorities’ rights movements are the most important fight of our generation, second only to climate change.


During her stay at NYC with the Living City Project, Ayushi's goal is to conceptualize new and sustainable ways of problem-solving, and bring her expanded understanding of urbanism and community engagement to support her social justice work in India.