Sit With Me

A chair that addresses isolation and connection

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We are the CityLADZ 

Our Student Creators

River Steinbach is a 16-year-old high school student at Grace Church. River's in the school jazz band as a drummer. He is a member of the grace church theater company and has been a cast and crew member on several shows. River is also an actor for some of the school's filmmakers. In addition to his work in the Jazz band River has recently begun interning at forest sound music studio. River can be reached on Instagram: @nahali28


Xavier Czarnecki is a 16-year-old native New Yorker. He is an 11th grader at West End Secondary School and has interests in the arts and academia. He can be reached on Instagram: @xavczarnecki


Dashiell Beber-Turkel is a junior at Saint Ann’s School in Brooklyn. He’s on the Saint Ann’s fencing team, a member of the Saint Ann’s improv comedy troupe, a founder and facilitator of the Saint Ann’s Philosophy Club, he draws cartoons for the school newspaper, The Ram, and has received Scholastic Awards for his poetry and playwriting. He enjoys animating, painting, drawing, and creative writing.


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