Admissions, Eligibility, Tuition & Housing 

Admissions Process


Step 1: Online Inquiry

  • Fill out and submit interest form at right.

Step 2: Introductory Conversation

  • We will contact you to schedule a phone/Zoom introduction.

Step 3: Application Items 

  • Personal statement responding to 3 prompts

  • Recommendation letter from a teacher or mentor

  • $50 application fee.

Step 4: Formal Interview

  • We will review the application and schedule a phone/Zoom interview.

Step 5: Application Deadlines

Admission is rolling, on a first come- first served  basis.

  • CityGAP: June 30 (for Fall); October 31 (for Spring) 

  • CityLAB: June 30 (for Fall); October 31 (for Spring)

  • CitySUMMER: June 10

  • CityTERM: June 30, 2022

Program Inquiry

Thanks for submitting!

If you have any questions, please contact us at:

Andrew Meyers:

Tanya Gallo:

Eligibility Criteria

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Access Policy

We commit to creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive community. Our program draws participants from neighborhoods throughout the city, country and world, with diverse backgrounds and experiences which include, but are not limited to gender, race, nationality, sexual orientation, disability, and socio-economic background. We establish a loving community that values difference and cultivates empathy, respect and inclusion. All of our activities are handicapped accessible.

Eligibility Criteria

Living City participants should be

  • open-minded, self-aware, and curious

  • able to work and create both independently and in collaboration

  • able to communicate their ideas effectively and appropriately, both verbally and in writing

  • able to care for their personal well-being and health and that of their peers

  • willing to following take responsibility for the program rules and guidelines

  • able to travel and navigate independently and safely

  • prepared to engage with their environment, which may include walking, hiking, canoeing, swimming and biking in various weather conditions

Student Policies

Living City participants will

  • actively engage in the design and implementation of our values, practices and norms

  • be fully transparent and truthful on all Living City forms and in all their work and interactions

  • be conscious and respectful of each other’s cultures, differences and needs

  • not engage in conduct which is detrimental to the best interests of themselves, the Living City community, our partners or the world

  • actively participate in scheduled learning activities to grow intellectually, emotionally and creatively

  • actively participate in their own learning by setting and pursuing individual and collective goals with the support of Living City mentors

  • ask for support and guidance when needed

  • tell a Living City mentor when they encounter a challenge

  • not engage in excessive drinking of alcoholic beverages, or in the abuse of other drugs (except those prescribed by a doctor) while in a Living City program

  • take appropriate intellectual and emotional risks, consonant with their own and others' safety and values


2021-2022 Dates & Tuition


  • 18-22 years old

  • Fall 2021: September 13 - December 17

    • $8500

    • financial aid available

  • Spring 2022: February 22 - May 27

    • $8500

    • financial aid available


  • 17-19 years old

  • Summer 2021: July 5-July 30

    • $2850

    • meals, housing & transportation not included

    • financial aid available


  • 15-18 years old

  • Each semester has 2 modules of 6 weeks each

  • Fall 2021: September 13 - December 17

    • $850 per 6 week module in Fall

    • financial aid available

  • Spring 2022:  February 22 - May 27

    • ​$850 per 6 week module in Spring

    • financial aid available

CityTERM (starting Fall 2022)

  • For 10th to 12th graders:: 14-18 years old

  • $9500 per semester

CitySTUDIO (starting Spring 2022)

  • For adults:: 22 and above

Tuition does not include room, board, or transportation, which are the student's responsibility

Vaccination or negative COVID test required before in-person start. Periodic tests during program 

A 10% deposit is due upon acceptance into the program. Balance due a month before program starts


Discounts are available for participants who join with their friends.

Financial aid is available for qualifying individuals.

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Housing Options

Finding and navigating your own housing can be a rewarding opportunity to develop initiative and independence. 


The Living City Project does not provide or supervise housing, but we will help any students who are 18 or older find housing if they do not already have living options in NYC. The options below have been vetted by us and used by a variety of gap year, travel and semester programs, but we are not organizationally affiliated with them. They range in the degree of autonomy and services, but are all well-run and comfortable. They all have vigorous COVID-19 protocols and provide a healthy and safe living environment. If you are in need of housing for our programs, please begin by looking at the options below, and then email or call us for advice and assistance. 


We strongly recommend that you begin with the Educational Housing Service, who have counselors dedicated to serving Living City, and ask them to place you with the other CityGAP students. 



Screen Shot 2020-09-03 at 4.54.30 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-08-27 at 1.10.35 PM.png

Educational Housing Services (EHS), the leading provider of student housing in NYC. Our preferred location with EHS is the St. George Residence in Brooklyn Heights. The New Yorker Hotel in Manhattan is also available.

92Y Residence, a co-living residence with large closets and multiple common areas in which to meet friends, study and relax, in a neighborhood with wonderful restaurants, bars and shopping.

VRBO is a site for finding short and longterm stays around the world. The link we have set up is for the five boroughs. Please speak with us before making any reservations on VRBO.

AirBNB offers affordable rooms and studios as well as one-bedroom apartments. Please speak with us before making any reservations on AirBNB.