CityGAP Spring 2021

Group Projects

How Do We Make the NYC Food System More Just, Inclusive and Sustainable?

Food Sustainability Cookbook

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How Do We Re-Occupy our Public Spaces Post-COVID?​ 
Neighborhood Art Scroll Project

Personal Projects

What Are the Origins of Social Protest Music and Art in the Harlem Renaissance?

Walking through Harlem


CityGAP Fall 2020


Personal Projects

  • Journeys- A Transportation Podcast 

  • Edgemere- The Abandoned Promised Land


CityLAB Spring 2021

Art in the Current Moment: Navigating and Driving Change Through Creativity

How have the arts in NYC responded/contributed to moments of crisis, challenge and social change? How might art respond to the current moment?


The pandemic has made us aware of an underlying tension in NYC between isolation and connection. The team studied public art around NYC and began a series of exercises to refine their question and respond through different media. They created an interactive art object and recorded people's interactions with it in spaces around the city. Sit With Me is a moveable art installation addressing the dynamic between isolation and connection in NYC.

Group Project

How Do Restaurants Survive and Thrive under COVID?​-

Restaurants Reimagined Website and

Social Media Campaign

CityLAB Fall 2020

How Do Restaurants Redesign to Survive & Thrive under COVID?

CityLAB spent 3 weeks researching the challenges that restaurants face during the pandemic in NYC.  They came to understand the importance of dining to the city culture and economy, and the challenges that owners, managers and workers face everyday.

Outdoor Dining Design Project

The CityLAB participants worked with architects at LEROY STREET STUDIO  and the Delicious Hospitality Group to design outdoor dining pavilions that would respond to concerns during the pandemic, accommodate the emerging city regulations, and inspire diners to return to an inviting, safe and beautiful dining experience.


This Just In...

The Leroy Street Studio (LSS) was nominated by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) to present the Spring CityLAB "Restaurants Reimagined/ Curbside Dining Pavilion" project in the AIA's Professional Presentation Program at the Center for Architecture in May 2021. (The LSS presentation begins at the 23:15 minute mark in this Vimeo)

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