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CityGAP in top 10 US gap year programs! Read more here
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What I hear, I forget. What I see, I
remember. What I do, I understand.

 - Confucius 

Changing cities and changing education, together

Looking for a meaningful and exciting semester experience in New York City?


Our programs offer city-based experiences for young adults and teachers, working with small groups of peers to creatively address urgent challenges and opportunities facing the city.


An experiential gap semester program for participants ages 18-25 engaging with the city as a classroom, laboratory, studio and community

Summer workshops in which teachers journey from theory to practice, experiencing immersive fieldwork and designing classroom projects

CityGAP Students in Freeman Alley
CityGAP Students at Leroy Street Studio


Place-Based We go outdoors in small cohorts of 8-10 to explore the places, history, and policy, and engage the people, of NYC.


Project-Based We ground learning in meaningful projects addressing real-world questions, embedding skills and content in hands-on problem-solving and cultivating participant agency.

Partnerships and Civic Engagement We partner with nonprofits, advocacy groups, city agencies and independent experts to bring deep and specific knowledge to our learners.


Portfolios Participants create robust portfolios of work rooted in NYC, in a variety of academic and creative media.

We work with a team of experienced educators, urbanists, planners, community organizers, policymakers, artists, city government officials, architects, designers, entrepreneurs and civic partners, to provide educational and experiential programs for students in New York City. Here are a few of our partners:

The Workshop (Leroy Street Studios)

The Workshop, a partnership between Leroy Street Studio and Living City Project, is an interdisciplinary team dedicated to the participatory design of community-oriented capital projects. 

We bring community engagement, architectural expertise, design education and funding to underserved communities eager to build, empowering local residents and organizations to contribute to the design of their built environment and make a more resilient, equitable and livable city.

Our work is grounded in the belief that the process of collaborative design is a means of empowering communities, building consensus, producing great design and ensuring equity.

Leroy Street Studio Architect
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