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At this pivotal moment, for the Living City Project and for NYC, we turn to you to support us in transforming education and advocating for a more just and equitable city.


Your tax-deductible donation will have a far-reaching impact—opening doors for young people to study and effect change in New York City, and producing the next generation of leaders.

All donations are tax deductible.






Your gift will allow us to:

  • include participants who could otherwise not attend

  • partner with more communities across the five boroughs

  • reach more students from diverse social and economic backgrounds

  • advance the causes of experiential education and social/ environmental justice

  • support students, residents and non-profit organizations working for a better New York City

What your support makes possible for an individual participant:

  • $50 provides fieldwork fees for one month

  • $150 provides transportation for one month

  • $500 provides board for one month

  • $1700 provides housing for one month

  • $9500 provides free tuition for the full term


Thank you for your impact on the next generation of transformative leaders, and for your continued support. 

Some of the potential participants whom your gift will support

Ayushi, a young artist from Mumbai, hopes to join us in Fall 2022. Her goal is to deepen her social practice through urban studies and community engagement with CityGAP. 

Ayushi is an interdisciplinary artist from Nagpur, India. A graduate in fine arts (sculpture) from Sir JJ school Art, Mumbai. She is currently studying Gender, Culture, and Development from Pune University and is the Art Director of a feminist collective ‘Hers is Ours’.


Her practice is about dissecting and understanding how power comes into play within a social hierarchy through gender, class, caste, and race. She believes that the women’s, LGBTQ, and such minorities’ rights movements are the most important fight of our generation, second only to climate change.


During her stay at NYC with the Living City Project, Ayushi's goal is to conceptualize new and sustainable ways of problem-solving, and bring her expanded understanding of urbanism and community engagement to support her social justice work in India.


Aanchal a young woman from New Delhi, plans to join us in Fall 2022. Her goal is to deepen her understanding of the city, with a focus on women's issues. 

Aanchal is an enthusiastic and passionate college student, currently a senior at the University of Delhi majoring in Political Science. She is volunteering for two non-profit organizations in India: one that battles hunger in India and another educating village orphans in the south region of the country. 


Her bachelor’s work has focused on understanding citizenship, and exploring international politics and law. She strongly believes that a nation is just and equal only when policies are inclusive and benefit each and every individual of the society. She has a keen interest in women’s issues and social services, and she works to give voice to the voiceless by telling the stories of women’s sufferings through creative writing.


While exploring New York City during this program, her goal is to learn to tackle urban issues to understand cities in a better way and to use this experience for battling various urban issues in India.

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