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CitySTUDIO is our Spring program for young people 18+ who want a high level of independence, professional experience, and the challenge of an internship, along with community, structure and mentorship.

CitySTUDIO provides a meaningful semester of achievement and exploration for those in a transitional moment, launching participants on an even more satisfying college, career or life path. CitySTUDIO offers independence while supporting participants in life skills, reflection and skill building. Our participants are placed at small organizations where they can do hands on work that is pedagogically connected to our city lenses and program. The program is designed for young people who are open minded, self-aware, curious, and eager to explore, understand, and contribute to NYC.


The semester is 14 weeks long including:

  • 3 week orientation looking at NYC's social geography, architecture, neighborhoods, and institutions though our 5 Living City Lenses.

  • 10-12 week Internship which we arrange with our partners or you can choose to find on your own.

  • 10-12 week Independent Project where participants pursue a personal passion with our mentorship and guidance from our deep bench of partners. See Participant Work for examples.


Project Cycles and Themes


The Form of the City: How are cities designed and how do urban form and architecture shape our destinies?

Resilient City: How can cities build back better in response to both acute crises and chronic challenges? 

The Just City: What are the ingredients of a just, diverse and equitable society and how do we achieve it?

City of Memory: How do cities build and rebuild their civic imagination and establish their identity? 

The City of Creativity: How does NYC inspire art and culture; and how do art and culture define NYC? 

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