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COVID-19 & Safety Policies

Covid-19 & Safety Policies

  • COVID-19: We will require proof of vaccination, emailed to the program, before the commencement of classes. We will require regular negative PCR tests during the program. We will require proof of vaccination and a negative COVID-19 test from all teachers and partners. These policies may change based on CDC and New York State recommendations.

  • Safe Transportation: We will walk, bike, Uber/Lyft and use the public transit system adhering to COVID-19 safety protocols and using common sense. All students master the safe use of NYC's public transit system.

  • Outdoor Learning: Two-thirds of our meetings will be fieldwork expeditions. All of our expeditions will be held outdoors, or indoors in COVID-safe environments.

  • Contingency plans due to COVID-19: In the unlikely event that an increase in COVID-19 cases leads to circumstances that preclude the full implementation of the program, the organizers will, in consultation with the participants and their families, re-configure the program to adjust to these new constraints, including temporarily moving to remote learning, or refunding the tuition on a pro-rated basis.

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