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Professional Development

Make The City Your Classroom

with professional development workshops for high school educators seeking to design immersive, culturally responsive, field-based experiences engaging the city as a classroom, empowering participants and communities. The Living City Project pursues the principles of experiential education and community engagement best practices. We believe that immersive experiences make learning deeper, more meaningful and “stickier.”

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Professional Development Curriculum Writing

Summer Institute: Annual 5-day workshop for high school educators taking place in New York City from July 8-12, 2024.

School-Based Program: 3-day program for high schools of up to 150 teachers, deans and staff.

Program Cost: $1500 (financial aid available) lunches and some dinners included; housing not included, we can offer suggestions for housing options

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We take teachers on a journey, beginning with a neighborhood-based activity, to in-depth discussions of Dewey, Hahn and others, moving quickly to immersive fieldwork- exploring topics ranging from social justice, immigration, public space, environmental justice, food equity, literature and art, architecture, urban politics and policy- and ending with the design of specific classroom projects. The majority of learning takes place in the field across neighborhoods throughout New York City. Teachers will leave the workshop with project topics, lesson plans and field activities.
Professional Development Scavenger Hunt


  • Understand why and how experiential learning works

  • Move beyond “field trips” to deep, culturally responsive “field work”

  • Become immersed in and comfortable with experiential education techniques

  • Connect existing classroom lesson plans to specific places and experiences embedded communities in NYC or your home city

  • Make scholarship more relevant by exploring the built environment, public spaces, neighborhoods, monuments and memorials as your classroom

  • Address diverse learning styles through visual, auditory, kinesthetic and active learning

  • Come away with specific ideas for deep community engagement, service learning, partnership-building, and mutual aid projects

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