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What ages do you accept?

For CityGAP and CitySTUDIO we serve 18-25 year olds.


Where is the program based? When does it take place?

CityGAP and CitySTUDIO take place throughout New York City five-days-a-week from 10am-4pm. The Program is about 12-14 weeks each semester.


What is the mentor-participant ratio?


We have a 1:4 mentor-to-participant ratio


What is the difference between CityGAP and CitySTUDIO?


CityGAP takes place in the fall and spring, while CitySTUDIO only takes place in the spring. Instead of a group project, CitySTUDIO participants take part in a three-day-a-week internship. Spring CityGAP and CitySTUDIO participants will be part of the same cohort.


Is our transportation paid for? 


Transportation is the responsibility of our students.


What are the dates of the program?


Please see the "Apply" page.


Do I get college credit? 


It is possible at selected colleges.


Can I just do a semester? 


Yes, you may join for a year or a semester.


Is there housing available?


FOUND Study Midtown East, a leading supplier of student housing in New York City, provides our participants dorm-style housing in a newly renovated dorm building, in midtown Manhattan. Please see the Housing section on our Apply page


What kind of technology and online access is required?

Students will need a laptop or tablet to take part in the program. We hope to be able to provide funding support to meet students technology needs.


Do you have specialists and experts lined up for the topics we’ll explore? 

Yes, we have an extensive list of expert partners.


Do I have to already be enrolled in a college?


No, we serve any high school graduate in our CityGAP program. We provide full college counseling services for those who will be applying to college during the program.


What are your COVID-19 policies?

We will require proof of vaccination, emailed to the program, before the commencement of the semester. We may require regular negative PCR tests during the program.


Can  I decide to do the Spring semester later? 



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