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Frequently Asked Questions


What ages do you accept?

For CityGAP we serve 18-22 year olds; For CityLAB and CityTERM 15-18 year-olds.


Where is the program based? When does it take place?

CityGAP takes place outdoors in New York City three-days-a-week and remotely two-days-a-week. CityLAB occurs outdoors or in our CityLAB space 1-2 days-a-week after school and on Saturday (with flexibility for school schedules). 


How many hours a week and for how many weeks?

The CityGAP program is 12-14 weeks each semester. CityLAB students may take 1-3 Project Modules per semester. Each CityLAB Module runs from 4-6 weeks.


How much remote and online learning is there?

Our primary mode is outdoors and hands-on. We use online learning only to prepare for and debrief from our field-based project work. Students work remotely on independent research, reading and writing, either individually or in virtual groups.


Is our transportation paid for? 


Transportation is the responsibility of our students.


What are the dates of the program?


Please see the "Apply" page.


Do I get college credit? 


It is possible at selected colleges.


Can I just do a semester? 


Yes, you may join fo a year or a semester; and you may also apply to do shorter modules.


Is there housing available?


We work with Educational Housing Service, who provides dorm-style accommodations in two locations in NYC, with on-site Resident Advisors and safety services. Students may also find independent housing. Please see the Housing Options section on our Apply page


Do you need to live in NYC?


No, but if you come from outside NYC you will need to find your own housing. (Please see #9, above)


What is the mentor-participant ratio?


We have a 1:4 mentor-to-participant ratio


Do I have to already be enrolled in a college?


No, we serve any high school graduate in our CityGAP program, and any current high schooler in our CityLAB and CityTERM programs.

We provide full college counseling services for those who will be applying to college during the program.


What happens if there is another lockdown?

We are small and nimble, and therefore will be able to respond to the demands of the moment with appropriate combinations of in-person and online learning, as conditions demand.


What happens if we have a positive COVID-19 case?

We will require proof of vaccination and regular testing. Any student testing positive will quarantine for 14 days, and their cohort will get tested.


Can  I decide to do the Spring semester later? 




Do you have specialists and experts lined up for the topics we’ll explore? 

Yes, we have an extensive list of expert partners.


What kind of technology and online access is required?

Students will need internet access at home and/or a smartphone. We hope to be able to provide funding support to meet students technology needs.

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