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During CityGAP, I have become far more independent both personally and academically. My experiences meeting with partners have allowed me to gain a clearer vision of what I want to do with my life and contribute to society as a whole. I have gained experience in planning and leadership as well.


I am extremely proud of our final group project and the work we poured into it. During this process, I fell in love with human-centered design and the ways in which the spaces we occupy affect us and vice versa.


Again, I want to thank you so much for everything from CityGAP and beyond--It was truly a life changing experience and I am so grateful to have learned and made the connections that I did.

- Lily, CityGAP Fall 2022

CityGAP is an incredibly unique experience— I am yet to hear of any gap programs that immerse students in experiential, place-based learning in NYC the way the Living City Project does. This program empowered me to explore the passions I already had, and find new interests to fall in love with. Andy and Tanya dedicate their time and energy to their students with more care than any educator I’ve known; their knowledge and enthusiasm is seemingly boundless. Their connections to individual partners as well as organizations enabled us to meet with a wide variety of committed experts who were not only engaged, but excited to be working with us. CityGAP is an excellent program for anyone who is enthusiastic about urban geography, architecture, American history, city planning and design, building equitable communities, learning to navigate a city independently, making friends, eating good food, and exploring new places.

- Evan, CityGAP Fall 2022

CityGAP taught me important life skills, such as independence and initiative, while being exposed to a wide variety of professions and fields of work. The chance to live in New York City while gaining real world experience was invaluable, and something I will forever treasure. While certainly a demanding program, Andy and Tanya were incredibly knowledgeable and supportive throughout.

- Claudia, CityGAP Fall 2022

When our son enrolled in the program, we hoped for an exciting immersive experience living in New York City. The website has an excellent explanation of what The Living City project is about. What I’d like to add to that, is that Andy and Tanya are not only incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about their work, their level of support, guidance, kindness and encouragement makes this program exceptional. Along with learning about points of interest and engaging in fun activities, their program truly fostered things like critical thinking, problem solving, and the individual within the city systems. I was blown away by the level of the group and individual projects, and impressed with the range of professional community partners. As a result of this program, my son has a new sense of confidence, independence, and love for the city. This was a life changing experience for us in the best way!

- Andrea, CityGAP Parent

CityGAP gave me an opportunity beyond that of traditional schooling, in which I could legitimately think and problem-solve in ways that, for the first time, felt like what I wanted to do. The day to day activities of the group were substantial and interesting, never feeling like busy work and always proving themselves relevant later down the line. Andy and Tanya make a fantastic team of educators, putting their all into teaching a well rounded program and responding tactfully to any hurdles that do appear. Frankly, it’s a shame everyone isn’t given a chance to learn like this at least once in their lives.


NYC works better as a place to learn than anywhere else, and the longer the program went on the more convinced I was that there is something naturally emboldening about living in the city.  The model of learning that CityGAP imploys is empowering, and the level of self-reliance fostered by living in New York is perfectly complemented by the program.

- Mitchell, CityGAP Fall 2022

Tanya and Andy, through your guidance, sharing, and connections, New York has shaped me in ways no other city has done before. I’m beyond grateful for all of your excitement, joy, patience, thoughtfulness, and trust - and good laughs! You really are the best educators I’ve ever had.

- Isabella, CityGAP Fall 2022

Fantastic experience for our daughter! She learned and matured so much in the 3 months of the program. She learned not only about NYC, but also about herself. CityGAP taught her more in 3 months than she learned in her first year of college! The program teaches students about the real NYC and about issues affecting the city and its residents. They learned about the workings of the city and brainstormed practical solutions. Our daughter met so many people and developed a unique and well-thought out independent project as well as collaborated on a comprehensive group project. Also, it was obvious that Andy, Tanya and Zoe cared about the students and worked hard to make their experience memorable and enriching. We highly recommend the Living City Project!

- Lauren, CityGAP Parent

Our daughter Wynsome had an incredibly enriching experience in her City Gap semester. In fact, our whole family benefitted!  Tanya and Andy have such an exceptional understanding of how cities work.  They generously shared their enthusiasm for New York's history, neighborhoods, and institutions while connecting Wynsome and her cohort to the people shaping the city's future.  Wynsome got meaningful hands-on experience with community organizations, and felt empowered to follow her unique interests in her personal project.  Andy and Tanya weren't just educators, they were also great life coaches, helping Wynsome navigate the college application process and transition to young adulthood.  My husband and I were jealous - we wanted to do the program ourselves!  


- Lisa, CityGAP parent

Dear Tanya and Andrew,


Thank you for all that you did to make Charlotte’s Living City semester a smashing success! It was such a treat to watch her grow and mature in so many ways. This semester marked her first time living away from home and her initial introduction to city living. With your guidance, she learned to navigate her new terrain, to think on her feet, and to trust her instincts. She cultivated the “street sense” which comes from lived experience.


After almost three years of being stuck at home, Charlotte longed for true connection. CityGAP allowed her to spread her wings and fully engage with her new community. She saw first-hand how her commitment and service translated to meaningful, impactful work. With your encouragement, she found her voice and used it to overcome obstacles to forge ahead. Charlotte loved researching topics that interested her and giving weekly presentations to the group. The learning-by-doing model really struck a chord with her. She bonded with your community partners for her project: the kids and instructors at the American Dream School. Who knew that she would embrace the teaching experience with such gusto?!


Your program proves that no matter how consistently parents strive to impart wisdom to their teens their words are no match for first-hand experience. Thank you for reminding this helicopter mom that obstacles are opportunities. You gained Charlotte’s trust, which in turn enabled her to trust herself. You let her come up with her own solutions instead of offering prescribed remedies to familiar problems. 


Thank you for allowing me to tag along with the group on my visit. I learned more from you in those few hours than in my many years as a tourist. As I watched you facilitate the student-led discussions, I was moved by the true learning taking place. It was so refreshing to see the Socratic method in action. I believe our over-programmed kids have been denied contemplative time to simmer their ideas and to daydream. Public school kids like Charlotte have been trapped in a test-centered, outdated educational system that is reliant on rote memorization and maladapted to the digital age.


I love that your program seamlessly transitioned from macro to micro, beginning with broad information and history of each place, then adjusting the lenses to focus on specific aspects of each setting. It felt like I was watching the students disassemble and reassemble a large three-dimensional puzzle! This examination, discussion and reflection allowed the students to do critical thinking and deepen their understanding of New York’s links and fissures. You gave them a framework within which to feel the push and pull of an ever-evolving and adapting city. By exposing the interconnected nature of the city and its systems, the students could envision where they might fit in to the larger picture, and consider how their actions might impact change. This is the goal of experiential learning, and you achieved it.


By opening her learning aperture, Charlotte has come to recognize that she is more than a grade point average or a test score. She is much more aware of her immediate environment and the moving pieces that keep a large metropolis flowing smoothly. She has fallen in love with the city- you have made a real New Yorker out of our girl!


While it's difficult to quantify one’s personal growth I can tell you that you two have ignited a spark in Charlotte that had lain dormant for too long. Living CityGAP prepared to her to draw from a new well of resources that she will take with her while trekking into the Andes and going off to college. Today she sees her future as a welcome challenge to be savored and celebrated! So, on behalf of John and me, thank you again for believing in Charlotte and giving her a new lease on life! 


- Marni and John, CityGAP parents


We have been hearing so many great stories about Celine’s time in New York City with CityGAP.  She’s told us a lot about how special Tanya and Andy made the experience, and the wonderful bond the group now shares. Thank you for helping Céline create these unforgettable memories of life in the city - and most of all these friendships that mean so much to her.  


- Michelle, CityGAP parent

I decided to take a semester off of school during the spring semester of my junior year at college. When I found the Living City Project, I was beside myself with interest and excitement. It seemed like the perfect program for me; one that would be both academic and rigorous, while also being exploratory and fun! 

And I must say, the program exceeded my expectations.The Living City Project is an incredible opportunity for young people to expand and grow as students, communicators, collaborators, and individuals. This program is unique because of its placement in New York City and its individualization to each student’s interests. CityGAP engages the city as its “classroom” in every capacity possible. Although we completed this program during the COVID-19 pandemic, we were able to spend almost every day outside in the world, safely, interacting with contacts, peers, and the city. 

As students, we decided what specific relevant issues and movements in NYC we wanted to explore. Our group decided to study Food Justice and Sustainability in the NYC food system and Art and Social Change in NYC in the 70s and today. Each of these projects exceeded my expectations of what is attainable during a semester and what is possible to create as students. Andy and Tanya guided and pushed us to combine our skills, research, resources in ways I did not imagine possible.

I cannot recommend this program highly enough. But more than that, I cannot recommend Andy and Tanya highly enough. They are truly outstanding educators, mentors, and people. (Not to mention that they are incredibly funny and engaging!) 


- Clara P. , CityGAP 2021

CityGAP has changed the trajectory of my future in many ways. The program helped me to become the curious, knowledge-loving, ambitious person I've always thought I could be. The program gave me a truly special, analytical lens to look through as I engage with our ever-changing world. At the same time, the program isn't traditional learning in the way that we often think about it. I feel that CityGAP developed my passion for learning through the unique experiential approach that Andy, Tanya, and Truly use. I began to understand how truly fascinating everything around us is. During my semester, we studied the NYC food system and activist art of the 1970s, and I also did a personal project learning about Billie Holiday, protest music, and the Harlem Renaissance. 


CityGAP is unique because the participants get to choose what we study, with Andy and Tanya providing support, guidance, and resources. No matter what we chose, Andy and Tanya had fascinating contacts and creative ideas about how to approach these topics. Andy and Tanya taught me about institutions, artists, people, events and concepts that I would never have been able to find on my own. Not only is the sheer access to resources incredible, but the way the team teaches us to self-advocate and take responsibility is too. Going into college, I feel like I have a new confidence in my ideas  and abilities, and in asking for help or insights from unfamiliar people. This, to me, has been one of the greatest gifts of the program.


Lastly, Andy and Tanya are unlike any other educators or people I have met before. I consider them my teachers, but also my life-long mentors and my friends. The support, encouragement, knowledge, and humor of these two is something I will always cherish and look forward to enjoying for a lifetime. CityGAP, to me, feels perfect for those interested in becoming more informed citizens of today's world; an intellectual wonderland. I can't encourage it enough!


- Leila T , CityGAP 2021

I had a great time with CityGAP. It was a great experience even during COVID. I learned so much about New York City, met great people, and added to my resume. This program is flexible and is good for any type of interest. If you are a curious and motivated person I can not recommend this more highly.

The program itself is run by two amazing people, Andrew and Tanya! They make the program what it is. They are kind, attending, and a pleasure to work with. I highly suggest that if you are interested at all to reach out and have a video call. You will learn much more about the program and see if it fits with you. I am sure it will!

- Mateo, CityGAP Fall 2020

Clara attended the CityGAP program in the spring of 2021, after spending the fall of 2020 essentially stuck in her dorm room with classes only on zoom and her friends and community inaccessible. With spring semester looming as more of the same, the opportunity CityGAP offered was enticing! Certainly, it would have been an improvement if they had only held classes outside and in person, but it was so much more than that. 


Clara physically explored the city in terrific detail, then focused on the production, distribution, and availability of food in the city. The students had the opportunity to visit, speak with and learn from strong, creative individuals who are actively working to make these existing systems better. Clara was already fairly confident and comfortable speaking with peers and adults, but an almost year of Covid restrictions had demoralized her. 


Through this program Andy and Tanya nudged Clara back out into the world, believed in her, encouraged her and transformed her into a force to be reckoned with. She can tackle difficult situations, change directions when faced with immovable obstacles and speak her mind in uncomfortable situations, but she is also a kind, thoughtful and supportive listener. She spent the semester using and strengthening her various skills, again with the support of Andy and Tanya, and with the other students created a beautiful book, ostensibly a cookbook, but actually an in-depth look at various aspects of food production and distribution.


Andy and Tanya continue to be an extraordinary two-person support network with countless ideas and contacts to help Clara continue her journey! I can’t thank them enough.

- Deborah, CityGAP parent

Andy and Tanya,

I am deeply grateful for what you've offered Julian, Pelumi, Mateo, their families, their friends, and the restaurant industry.

I so appreciate how you structured CityGAP:  highly collaborative, demanding but supportive, focused but loosely enough so that each student could explore a personal interest. It was very clear to me from their presentations that these students emerged from CityGAP with increased confidence. 

I so appreciate  how CityGAP made space for each student to tap into a personal interest and explore it thru the course of their project work - Indeed Mateo’s CityGAP podcast project gave him the skills and confidence to go on to create a podcast project in the challenging environs of Crossroads, one of the Townships in Cape Town, after your program. 


Know that I am always happy to talk with parents or whomever regarding the value of CityGAP - Mateo’s maturation and sense of self-knowing and discovery was deeply nurtured by you both and by your program


I have no doubt that what Mateo experienced over the semester at CityGAP will serve him in countless ways as he navigates through college and life.


- Justine, CityGAP parent

My son participated in the CityGAP program last semester, and finding it was like a gift. What has made the current moment so difficult for some parents is that just when their kids most desperately needed something fulfilling and enriching to do, the majority of substantive gap programs shut down. Yet here was CityGAP, with a program that was COVID safe, intellectually engaging and socially rich. Having watched them pull this off, I was then tempted to ask, “Why hasn’t everyone been doing this?” I suspect it has to do with the fact that Meyers and Gallo each have decades’-worth of robust NYC contacts in the arts, city government and non-profit activism, and years’ experience putting them to educational use. The remaining piece, which they crafted superbly, was a protocol enabling groups to meet regularly all over the city without danger of infection. On consideration, perhaps nobody else coud have managed this. 

There is an additional attraction to CityGAP. One of the many dispiriting aspects of COVID is anxiety that the nation may not be able to recover economically, and a sense that there is nothing the average person can do about it. CityGAP features the very people in New York who are doing something: the activists, key city employees, the creators. I could not have guessed that my son would have had the opportunity to be exposed to their practical, optimistic efforts. As a proud New Yorker, I was especially thrilled. But I think that anyone can be excited about their child’s witnessing first-hand a great city meeting a great challenge. What CityGAP offered my son was vastly richer than a see-all-the-shows trip to New York; this is an invaluable trip into its indomitable soul.


- David, CityGAP parent

Leila T. and Clara P.
Mateo B.
Julian V. B.
Pelumi O.
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