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Poor Air Quality in the South Bronx is a Result of Environmental Injustice.

This resource and response website shares what I learned while studying asthma and air quality in the South Bronx. More information about this project can be found at the bottom of this page.

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A collection of stories and thoughts about air pollution, asthma, and climate change. Thank you to those who shared. If you’re willing, please consider sharing as much or as little as you would like to add through the form submission linked below.

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The South Bronx suffers disproportionately from poor air quality and is facing an asthma crisis today. This timeline compiles decades of contributing factors and considers some key moments that worsened the issue.


Learning Resources & Getting Involved

Discover some of the efforts going on right now. Explore things YOU can do to help.

About This Project

Who & Why

This website was made as part of Living City Project’s CityGAP Program, studying New York City and urban resilience in the face of climate change. This was an opportunity for me to explore the South Bronx, meet residents and community organizations, and learn about the challenges and strengths of the community. I decided to create an education tool because I believe empowering young people and giving them roles in climate efforts can be a form of resilience.

The Process

After spending some time learning about NYC’s history, I wanted an element of my project to focus on how today’s issues reflect the past. I decided to make a timeline that presents some of what I learned through this project.

While talking with community organizations, I realized how many opportunities there are to get involved at different levels. I wanted to compile some of these opportunities into one resource to share with viewers and inspire action.

I believe that there’s power in sharing stories and hearing from each other, so I thought it was important to make a space for that on the website. Visit the Stories tab to read some, and scroll to the bottom of the page to share your own!

The Goal

My target audience for this website is English and Spanish speaking middle and high school students. I imagine it as a tool for educators to teach about air quality and asthma in the South Bronx and around NYC. I hope the inclusion of personal stories will be impactful in creating solidarity and making the issue resonate with readers. I also hope this platform will inspire action and point students towards ways they can get involved. Young people of today will soon be leaders, so I want to help empower students to feel they can make a difference, advocate, and build a better future.

Help it Grow

I am not from NYC, so what I was able to compile on this website is drawn from the people I’ve met and research I’ve done. New Yorkers are the ones who can truly understand the City’s challenges, strengths, and needs. For this reason, I would appreciate any feedback and/or comments on how I can add to, remove from, or adapt this website to better serve its purpose.

My contact information is

If you support the project, please consider sending it to friends, family, schools, community organizations, non-profits, or anyone else in NYC!

Sources and Partners

Living City Project’s CityGAP Program - Spring 2022             


  • Mychal Johnson at South Bronx Unite

  • Annie Carforo at WE ACT

  • NYC Department of Transportation

  • Dilshanie Perera at The Climate Museum

  • Lindsey Nelson - Creative Strategist

  • Markus Hilpert at Columbia’s Mailman School of Public Health

  • Danny Chervoni at Brook Park

  • American Dream School in Mott Haven, Bronx

  • Michael Flynn at Sam Schwartz

 Links to Sources Used:


May 2022

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