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Browse through stories, testimonials, drawings, and more ~ relating to air quality, asthma, or climate change more broadly.


Several testimonials from asthma patients and families.


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Professionals share how asthma affects their work and finances. These interviews also highlight things companies and workplaces can do to support their employees impacted by asthma.


A series of interviews sharing what asthma feels like and how it impacts their lives.


The Importance of Trees in our Neighborhood

Low income neighborhoods are disproportionately affected by the lack of trees and more likely to suffer from heat related illnesses in the summer months. Community gardens have been put in these neighborhoods to try to combat this. Trees provide a source of shade coverage as well as a way to bring balance into an area. The presence of trees reflects socioeconomic status.


Climate Action

Getting out of the car is easy. Ride your own bike, Citibike, take the train or walk. Reducing your food carbon footprint is easy. Eat plant-based meals at least twice a week. Saving energy at home is easy. Lower temperature by 2 degrees, and use LED lightbulbs. Composting in the city is easy. Put it in the freezer then bring to farmers market. Climate Action is up to you! I moved to NYC from an ecovillage. It is not too late.


There is No Planet B

I would love to have more green spaces in the neighborhood. More trees and gardens. We love exploring new parks.


Take Care of What Has Been Entrusted to You


I Love Biking!

I can help the environment and air quality by riding my bike instead of driving.

My favorite places in nature have fresh air. They are Central Park, NY Botanical Garden, and Finger Lakes.

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