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Sit With Me

A chair that addresses isolation and connection

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Art in a time of crisis

Art in a time of crisis

We are four high school juniors from New York City, part of the experiential Living City Project, creating an artistic response to the moment. This site supports our handmade relic titled Sit With Us, a moveable art installation that addresses the dynamics between isolation and connections in the city.

The Living City Project sees New York City as a classroom, studio and community. Founded by educators and urbanists who are passionate about experiential learning, our programs offer outdoor, city-based experiences for rising college freshmen, semester-leave students and high schoolers working with small groups of peers, to creatively address the urgent challenges and opportunities facing the city today.

Art in a time of crisis
Our work
Some of Our Work
Artists' Statement

We wanted to create a project that reflected the isolation we feel in this time while still interacting with this city and its people, we ended up with the idea for a public seat. There are two different chairs one is meant for one person, while the other can seat two, though it may be tight. On the chair, one can see images evoking isolation and connection, in fact, the chairs themselves are meant to isolate one person, or connect two people.

Even though the message the chairs are supposed to portray is one of isolation and connection we don't want to explicitly tell you that. We believe art is supposed to be observed and interpreted, thus, we have no explicit explanation or description. The chairs are simply put in public where people can interpret them as they please.

Artist's Statement


517 West 149th Street, NYC, 10031

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